March Favorites!

March Favorites


It’s a short list this month! Wow, March flew by!

1. Maybelline Elixirs! 

I’m obsessed. They are  identical to the YSL Glossy Stains! (Did you know YSL and Maybelline are owned the same umbrella company -L’Oréal?) This product is a gloss, lipstick and stain all in one. Each color is beautiful. I made my Mom get a conservative nude, and she loves it. There is a color out there for every age and style. This is a much better option than that drying lipstick in the bottom of your purse.

2. The BOOK Divergent! 

I have not seen the movie yet, but the book was great! I listened to it on Audible. The story is about a futuristic dystopian society with a love story between teenagers woven in. The author, Veronica Roth, overuses the words “wrenched” and “winced”… but other than that annoyance, I highly recommend the book.

3. The Audible app

If you do a lot of driving or like to listen to talk radio while you do housework..etc., consider downloading audible and subscribing to the service. Each month you get a free audio book with a $14 monthly subscription. Your first month is free. The app is designed really well. There is nothing more fun than listening to a book while I drive or clean up the house. ;)

4. The Sleep Cycle App!

I’ve had great results with this app. I never understood how it worked, or trusted it, until I tried it. You place it under your pillow at night and it monitors the quality of your sleep. I believe it’s $1.99 in the app store. It’s worth it. I love to SEE on a graph how I slept during the night. The alarm options are soothing and not startling or annoying. I’ve been waking up much happier using this app.

How I organize and embrace my t-shirt obsession

I love T-shirts.

It’s kind of an obsession.

I see t-shirts as little pieces of your life scrapbook that you get to wear!

Our collection is extensive. Chris and I share a t-shirt tower that is stuffed to capacity. We’ve got everything from high-school shirts, to frat party shirts, to t-shirts from our favorite Sushi place and everything in between.

A few years ago we started a rule that we always buy large shirts. That way we can share and out collection is kept at a more manageable level. (No more duplicate t-shirts in different sizes) We usually get gender neutral colors and have a soft spot in our hearts for Comfort Colors.

With our T-shirt collection constantly growing and changing, we needed to find something to do with our outgrown, damaged or out of date t-shirts.

A few years ago, I found MemoryQuilts4U. I ordered my first t-shirt blanket from this company. It turned out beautiful. (click here to see!) However, MemoryQuilty4U no longer exists. I can’t find any trace of the company online. :( boo…

When it was time for t-shirt blanket #2, I decided to try Project Repat. I couldn’t believe the price! I could buy 5 Project Repat blankets equal to the price of my last blanket. Wow.

The company is organized and has fabulous customer service. The website is designed in a way that makes ordering extremely simple. You should check out the website just to admire streamline and user friendly design.

My newest blanket is double sided, lightweight, super portable and limp/floppy in a good way. It’s perfect!

Hobbes approves of side 1.

Highlights include: the “Lillian” t-shirt that I bought when I was dating Chris. I didn’t want to be presumptuous and put both of our names on the shirt before we were married. lol. Chris also noticed I would wear this silly shirt when I was mad at him. haha. Also my Minor Tigers shirt! That one comes from my high school cheerleading days. When we played Minor is was always THE BEST because they sold homemade candy apples. My Zoes Kitchen t-shirt commemorates my first job in high school. I’ll never work in food service again, but I’m so glad I did. And finally the Mash Bash swap t-shirt from freshman year of college. That was the ATO-DG swap where Chris and I met.

Winnie approves of side 2!

Highlights include: my first TIE-DYE t-shirt. I made it when I was about 6-year-old at vacation bible school. I was so proud of it. Also my CHER t-shirt! I’ve always loved Cher. Instead of being a normal child that wanted to go to an N*Sync or Brittany concert…. I begged to go to a Cher concert.

project repat

I highly recommend having your own t-shirt quilt made! It’s a fun way to preserve your memories and cut down on clutter. I had the double sided large blanket made. It’s the most useful size I think.

… { L } …

Do you have a way you like to cut down on t-shirt clutter? What’s the oldest and most special t-shirt in your collection? Let me know in the comments below!

My February Favorites!

DrLill's February Favorites

1. GREAT CLIPS- Great Clips needs some love because it’s an awesome establishment. My station pays for our haircuts. It’s wonderful. But sometimes I just need a quick trim… that’s where Great Clips come in. I’m in and out in 10 minutes. Love it.

2. DOWNTON ABBEY- If you haven’t watched it yet, start tonight. It’s such a great show.

3. THREES APP- It’s an addictive little game once you figure it out! Very fun. Don’t worry… you don’t have to be good at math to play. ;)

4. Chick-fil-A ICE DREAM CONES – An ice dream cone is the perfect swap if you are craving a milkshake.

Small shake = 520 calories

Ice Cream Cone = 170 calories.  Craving satisfied.

5.  MAP MY WALK APP- because it’s fun to see how far and how fast you walk! Winnie and I take walks every day after I get home from work. When I use Map My Walk I know exactly how far we’ve walked, how fast, and how many calories I’ve burned.

6. STARBUCKS CAPPUCCINO – a tall-nonfat Starbucks cappuccino is only 60 calories…. a great swap for a sugary Starbucks drink. :)

7. TARGET TECH GLOVES – they are cheap, comfortable, and work great. Don’t buy expensive tech gloves…. you’ll lose one anyway…. at least that is what always happens to me. haha.

8. “LET IT GO” FROZEN- such a good song! Download it! It’s a good drive-to-work-and-get-pumped-up-song. I love the Idina Menzel version. Demi Lovato also sings a pop version. 

After I discovered the song, I rented the movie. It’s actually a really cute Disney movie.

Hope you liked my February Favorites! Be sure and check out all my FAVORITES. Click HERE.  What were your favorite things you loved in February?

Healthy Snack Ideas (you’ve never heard before)

I’ve read dozens of “healthy-snack-idea” lists.

Look up “healthy snacks” on Pinterest, and they’re all over the place. Most of these indexes include the same things you had in your lunchbox in first grade, like: aunts-on-a-log, peanut butter and apples, sting cheese, hard boiled eggs…  etc…etc… yawn…

Over the years I’ve enjoyed 3 delicious snacks that I think we should all add to our snack time memory banks.  All three are easy, similar, and will certainly delight your mature taste buds.

1. Pear and Laughing Cow Spreadable Cheese

You must try this is flavor combination! Imagine spreading peanut butter on a apple… but trade the peanut butter for cheese and the apple for a pear. It’s an upgrade fit for a princess.

**Any spreadable cheese will work. I just love the portioned sizes of laughing cow. And don’t skimp on the calories. Get the regular kind (not light) because the calorie difference is so slim, your MyFitnessPal will forgive you and your taste buds with thank you.

2. Dried Cranberry and Goat Cheese over Whole grain Toast

Graduate from aunts-on-a-log and try this mixture on for size. It’s wonderful. If you are gluten free or watching carbs, sub bread for a gluten free crispy cracker. I LOVE Blue Diamond Nut-Thins.


**Arranging your cranberries in a heart shaped pattern is optional. ;)

3. Pear, Arugula, Brie and Honey over Whole grain Toast

This is the most advanced “snack” on my list. I’ve even been known to have this one for a full meal. It’s a combination I tried for the first time in The Netherlands and have enjoyed introducing it to my friends in the USA.

It’s delicious. My husband even loves this snack, and his taste-buds are still ….’coming of age’…

If you’re watching carbs of calories simply use thin pear slices as your bread. Stack the brie and arugula and honey right on top of your pear slices.


I hope this short list has inspired you! What snacks to you love that are off the beaten path? One of my friends loves to wrap fresh deli meat around cheese sticks for an easy snack. I want to know what I need to try! Let me know in the comments below.

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January Favorites!

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cappiccino cups

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Happy New Year!!


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The Cartwheel App!

The Cartwheel App

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Snowflake Patterns!

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My cup of tea!


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Gameday in Style!

Gameday in Style

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Have a GOUDA day!


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