I’m BACK! (After a long hiatus)


August 2015!

I sort of abandoned this blog.. and I feel bad about it.

Last spring (2014) I took an online blogging class. I was so excited about it at first and I really learned a lot.

Sadly, once the class was finished, I didn’t feel “good enough” or “serious enough” to blog anymore. I made the mistake of taking a class geared towards people who wanted to blog for a living. That’s not me. I’m not worried about page views…or likes..clicks…subscribers…etc. (Apparently “serious bloggers” have A LOT to worry about.)

It took me over a year (and coffee with the sweetest mentor) to realize that I need to get over myself and start having fun again. I’m doing this blog for me! It’s a creative outlet where I’m able to do what I love — SPREADING HAPPINESS AND INSPIRATION WITH OTHERS!

IMG_7246Because I’m a news reporter, I usually report on topics that are sad, scary, or dealing with subjects that are very…..hard. I’ve arrived to crime scenes before the police tape has even been rolled out. I’ve seen gruesome car accidents and devastating house fires. I’ve covered stories that sound like CSI shows. That is simply the nature of the business!

This blog is here to balance my universal output! I want to create content that inspires and makes people happy – and this is the perfect place to do it!

No, this blog isn’t perfect. I don’t exactly have a niche that can easily be explained. I don’t work with a professional photographer or web designer. I need to work on cleaning up my categories and spam comments (lol…excuse the spamIMG_7054 IMG_7051comments! I didn’t realize abandoning a blog was like abandoning a house. Eventually weeds take over.)

Overall, there is a lot I want to say! I need people to know important stuff like: Frostop in Greenville, MS has the best root-beer-floats EVER. And Inside Out  should be a required movie for all ages because it’s amazing.







I’m back. Embracing imperfections. Enjoying life. I hope you will do the same along with me!


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I tried “It Works” and it actually works…. like really….

I’ve been creeping on a few It Works distributors on Instagram and Facebook for a few months. My feelings about their posts evolved from… “oh my gosh…this has to be a scam”…to “maybe I SHOULD just TRY it for fun.”

Instead of signing up for anything, I purchased two wraps on Amazon. This is exactly what I bought (the image is hyperlinked to the amazon page):

I came home one day,  took a before picture, put the wrap on my back, relaxed (while watching NetFlix and drinking lots of water (per instructions)), after 45 minutes I removed the wrap, took an after picture and was literally shocked. The difference in the two pictures was obvious. It looked like the after image was photoshopped! (I’m too shy to put my personal before and after pics out there- but trust me. It really worked!)


That me! (Just kidding)

I kept waiting for the catch… the “gotcha” moment.. the realization that the whole thing really is a scam… but that never came. 72 hours later I used my second wrap on my stomach and was equally impressed with the visible results.

I always assumed the wraps were simply causing water weight loss… but the company says that is not the case. It Works claims the wraps are removing toxins. That makes sense why my results have lasted and I’m feeling better.

it-works-body-wraps-fat-detox (1)

And maybe this is just a placebo effect… but I really have been craving healthy fruits and vegetables over junk!!

Needless to say… I signed up for a loyalty account so that my wraps would be WAY cheaper! I’m very excited that I did. Now I can try a few more products like the “Greens” and the “Hair, Skin, Nails!” Maybe I’ll do an update post later…

I’m excited about It Works …enough to write a blog post about it! If you’ve been thinking about trying the products, I would recommend it. It’s fun and you really don’t have anything to lose. Who knows… maybe I’ll even become a distributer one day.

Click HERE for my affiliate link: http://LillianLalo.sharewraps.com

If you would rather not use my link (which would give me loyalty points) simply google “It Works” and you will find a plethora of information and sites to buy from.

To stalk a cute ItWorks Instagram account click HERE. This girl went to school with me and is so sweet.

How to clean out your DVR!

Oh’ the joys of recording your favorite programs. The convenience is wonderful! But nothing is worse than  seeing that “space available” bar filled nearly to the brim. If you don’t act fast your Unwrapped marathon will be lost forever!!! Do not fret. I have some tricks of easy ways to clean out your DVR with ease.


I work in television, so I understand the basic formula for most TV shows. I’m referring mainly to TLC/HGTV type shows. These tricks would not apply to scripted drama and mystery shows like CSI.

FIRST RULE- Be ready to focus and use that fast forward button on your remote. This is not the time to vegetate and zone out! You’ve got a lot of cleaning out to do.

SECOND – Always skip the first 30 seconds and the last 30 seconds before the commercial break. This is the time producers fill to tease ahead! They show teaser video that you will see again in the meat of the show. You can usually tell that the show is beginning to go into a commercial break because they will start teasing ahead. When you hear words like “coming up” or  hear music, that means a commercial is right around the corner so start fast forwarding!! This can shave a good 10 minutes off your total viewing time just by following this tip. IMG_1763

THIRD– Are you watching a reveal or makeover show? You are in luck. These are the easiest shows to skim!! If you are watching a makeover show (home, fashion, organization, Hoarders, dramatic weight loss..etc) watch the first seven minutes to see the problem. Learn about what is going to be fixed. You will see the majority of the best video during the teases, so don’t worry about missing anything in the middle. After the first seven minutes, fast forward like a crazy person until the last 7 minutes. That’s when you’ll see the resolution…. the best past of any makeover show! You’ll also get the satisfaction of seeing recap video from the midst of the show.

FORTH –If you are REALLY in a hurry, you can always fast forward to the last 10 minutes of any TLC type show. You’ll get the gist of the story (problems and resolution) without wasting valuable time watching the full hour long show. If you do this trick, you’ll be able to clean out 10 shows in the time it would take you to watch one.

FIFTH- Remember, television shows are on TV to make money through advertisement revenue. The entire goal of any show (yes, even news) is to KEEP YOU WATCHING and entertained so that you will sit through dozens of commercials. The other goal of every show is to FILL THEIR ALLOTTED TIME SLOT. This is not evil or bad in any way! It’s a great way to let the free market work. But when you are in a time crunch and want to simplify your DVR playlist, understanding this fact can help you press that FF button with ease! IMG_4375   Do you have any tips to cleaning out your DVR? Let me know in the comments below.

What we got for Easter!

 I love Easter!

The holiday always falls close to my Birthday, spring is in the air, and my Easter bunny is the greatest.


Even though I should have outgrown Easter baskets by now, we’ve kept the family tradition going strong. Chris and I make a basket for my parents and they put something fun together for us.


I love watching “what I got for…” YouTube videos. I always get some great gift ideas and add a few items to my wish list as well. I hope this blog post inspires you!


My Easter Basket


1. Aromas Artesanales de Antigua Honey & Apricot / Lotus Flower soap & hand lotion

2.  A travel size Dolce and Gabbana light blue perfume:http://tinyurl.com/lkek8uh

3. Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish in CHINA FLOWER and PINK PINEAPPLE

4. World Market chocolate :http://tinyurl.com/lth8xpu

5. A antique silver “princess comb”: (found at an antique shop)

6. Southbend Easter Pretzels: http://tinyurl.com/ln3exu7


Chris’ Easter Basket:


1. A water resistant splash bag: http://tinyurl.com/mealqv6

2. Lip balm: Walgreens brand.

3. Suave body wash in Everlasting Sunshine: http://tinyurl.com/mdn9bjy

4. Arizona Gunslinger Pepper Sauces:http://tinyurl.com/l55ztaa

5. Lindt gold bunny:http://tinyurl.com/n7l3nd8

6. Lactoprot Brie Wheel: http://tinyurl.com/mjebucm 



Our Easter gifts came inside these giant eggs from World Market!

Click: Medium German Nesting Easter Egg Containers


My new Rebecca Minkoff Mini Quilted Affair Shoulder Bag was a highlight!

Mine is in the color MINT : http://tinyurl.com/lt255lf

This was a 1/2 Easter 1/2 Birthday gift from my extremely generous Godmother.

Look how cute she labels and wraps her packages:



Two part question today:

What is your favorite Easter tradition and what is your favorite Easter candy?



**please note ** some of the links above are affiliated with Amazon.com. If you decide to purchase an item using my link, I make a small commission. This post is not sponsored. Everything above was gifted to me by family and friends.


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Your Keurig is Filthy!

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Snowflake Patterns!

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