Revised Laundry List of Modern Student

Dorm life, debit cards, classes, meal plans and laundry are only a few responsibilities living on the checklist of topics to discuss before freshman college students embark on their new lives. Ms. Mary Knight, working at the Fluff and Fold in Martin and Stockard at The University of Mississippi, makes college life easier by doing laundry for college students. For only a dollar a pound, Knight carefully washes, dries and neatly folds clothes to the individual liking of students.In desperation for clean clothes, and absolutely no free time on my hands, I handed over my laundry basket to a professional! With her sweet smile and motherly nature, Ms. Knight and I became instant friends. I confidently put all trust in her to care for my clothes. After a long day of classes I was pleasantly surprised to pick up my perfectly folded laundry for only eight dollars! “This is SO worth it” I exclaimed as the exchange of cash for clothes was made.

I’ve been a loyal customer ever since.

Mary Knight

I am not the only one that appreciates the service. Brennan Pitts, a freshman Martin Resident, says the Fluff and Fold service is, “…a great time savor”.Ms. Knight cheerfully agrees to an interview as a she foldes a pair of kaki pants that are almost as tall as she is. When the interview date rolled around I was upset to find out that she was out, sick with a cold.Reluctant to agree to an interview, Ms. Knight’s assistant made a quick phone call to see if Knight would still go ahead with the interview over the phone. She agreed, and soon the familiar southern accent sailed clearly through the receiver as she shared her ramose that she could not be there in person. With notebook in hand, and a few strange looks, I proceeded with my interview over the phone. Who can benefit form the Fluff and Fold service? -“All Ole Miss students, living on or off campus can use our service. We have Fluff and Folds in both Crosby [hall] and The Towers [Martin and Stockard resident hall]. Even when students move off campus we still have many returning, loyal customers”.Why would you encourage students to use the Fluff and Fold service?-“It’s a great way for students to save time so they have more time to study and participate in a variety of school activities, like sorority and fraternity commitments”. What do you think people might not know about you?-“Well, I am 65 years old. I came out of retirement because I wanted to work and stay busy. Because I do not have any children of my own, I love working with students. We create a bond that sometimes makes me feel like they are my own kids! I love my job so much I hardly consider it a job at all”.What do you find yourself thinking about the most while folding clothes?-“I like to think about the students who wear the clothes, what they are like and the activities that he or she is involved in. You can really tell a lot about a person just by their clothes”.Ever get any strange request for how students want their laundry?-“Usually students are just happy to get clean clothes. But I do have one young man that brings his clothes into me separated out into baskets of dark colors and light colors. He likes them to be returned still separated out by color”. How long have you worked in the Fluff and Fold?- “About two years now”.What do you do with your time when school is not in session?-“Because I have a contract with Student Housing, over the summer we work with camps by washing linins and things like that. I love staying busy all year round”.Any tips for students who prefer to do their own laundry?-“I’m full of them,” she laughs, “I teach laundry 101. We help anyone who needs it. And I’ll lend a helping hand when I see white shirts and towels turn pink”!

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  1. Super great job. Good advice. Love the photos. Photos are well composed. You must have had a superior photo teacher at some point in your life. Take care and keep up the good work. -Schmidt

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