Cute “Doodle” Blogs

Happy Monsters is also a cute Doodle blog!

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21 thoughts on “Cute “Doodle” Blogs

    1. Aren’t these so cute?
      These are not my pictures. I found them on other sites. You should ask them!
      Click the little hearts under the pictures. They will take you to the original site.
      🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  1. Hello there! Some days ago you ask me where did I get the little gifs I have on my tumblr 🙂

    Sadly, I just got them randomly for the last couple of years. But if you want to find some others with the same style, I recommend searching japanese webs 🙂 They have really cute gifs!

    Sorry for not being able to help you more, and that you for your question!

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