Happy First Day of School!!

Today kids in the Alabama public school system will start school!!!!

I hope this is a wonderful year for everyone (kids, parents and teachers).

If you have any cute “back to school” picture from this morning, please send them my way…

maybe we can even show them on the morning show.

It’s crazy that many friends I went to school with are teaching their own classes this year!

Ms. Westlake has her own 1st grade class and Ms. Casey has her own 5th grade class. Such an exciting day…

Best of luck to you all.


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One thought on “Happy First Day of School!!

  1. I just love all of your great stuff!!! Someone said to me – many years ago – “Know your Stuff, Know who you are Stuffin’ and Stuff Them in Style!” You do that, you know? No matter the topic, color and thought – you hit me. Me at 80? I love the Back to School Days . . . and you, Dr. Lill!

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