Papa Murphy’s cookie dough PRO TIP!

Apparently you can EAT Papa Murphy’s cookie dough straight from the tub because it’s pasteurized and doesn’t have any raw egg in it?!?


I learned this tip when I did a story on Papa Murphy’s heart-shaped pizza’s for Valentine’s Day.

The manager says people come in and just order the cookie dough all the time.

You can put it in ice cream, bake it, or eat it with a spoon!

I tried the suggestion and added the dough to some vanilla ice-cream. Wow! It was amazing. The dough is so fresh. It’s nothing like eating a bite of “place-a-bake” dough.

(just don’t go crazy because the calorie count is insane…womp womp womp)

Click here for a Coupon.

NOTE: The company does warn to “bake before consuming”…



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2 thoughts on “Papa Murphy’s cookie dough PRO TIP!

  1. Yum! Yum! The Papa Murphy’s I worked at didn’t have cookie dough…. I’d love to have one of their pizza’s right about now (never mind the fact that I just had pizza for lunch).

    1. Oh yes Heather! Papa Murphy’s is THE BEST Pizza! My absolute favorite. I love their thin crust “health choice” options and my husband LOVES the cheesy bread.

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