Warmed Fig and Chicken Salad

Only 2 days to go until I’ve completed my Whole30 challenge!

I’ve leaned a lot about cooking these past 28 days. I’ve bee channeling my wonderful (super southern) grandmother while I cook. Elizabeth Davenport Askins (Nanny) was THE BEST cook! She never measured anything… and her recipes always contained a “stick of buddah”….

I made up this little fig salad yesterday. Very easy. Didn’t measure a thing.

1.) Simply slice a handful of fresh figs in half and toss them in a pan with a bit of coconut oil (I recommend Tropical Traditions). Warm on low/medium heat.

2.) Heat up baked chicken with the figs (I cook my chicken during meal prep Sundays).

3.) Once the figs look slightly caramelized and your chicken is warm, slide the fruit and meat onto a bed of arugula.

4.) Dress with oil and vinegar.

Optional: sprinkle with sunflower seeds

What do you think? Any tips of ways to make it better? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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