Black Coffee and Unsweetened Oatmeal

When I started my Whole30 challenge 30 days ago, I never (ever in a million years) would have guessed my celebratory meal of choice would be black coffee and unsweetened oatmeal.

“Are you kidding me?”- the pre-Whole30 me would say.

“Black coffee is disgusting and oatmeal with no sugar? Are you insane?!”

Well, I’m not kidding pre-Whole30 self!! Be quiet and go eat a brussels sprout!

Black coffee and unsweetened oatmeal is the way I’m celebrating my 30 day life transformation…. because it’s exactly what I want for breakfast this morning.

The first few weeks of the challenge, I fantasized about  what I would eat when I finished this torture. I pictured my order at Sweet CeCe’s…how warm cookies would taste coming out of the oven….I imagined finally being able to properly celebrate the new Chick-fil-A opening and National Donut Day like the rest of my coworkers….

But now the end is here and all I want is this simple little breakfast that taste AMAZING. (If you are unfamiliar with the Whole30– grains all are off limits–so I really am treating myself.)


Unexpected things I learned during my Whole30 challenge:

1. People will not understand… (even your husband who promises he will read the book but never does.)

2. Black coffee really is good.

3. I know how to cook now! This includes (but not limited to):

  • Being able to properly open canned items
  • Being able to find fruits and vegetable in the grocery store. (and how to pull a fruit/vegetable bag off those little fruit/vegetable stands without taking the entire roll with you.)
  • Knowing when an avocado is ripe
  • Not being afraid to reheat leftovers (no Lillian… it’s not going to give you botulism…you made it for dinner last night)
  • How to cut a grapefruit so you can eat it with a grapefruit spoon (you might be surprised how many times I sliced those puppies in the wrong direction.) 
  • How to make up recipes on the fly… and feel comfortable doing it.
  • How to cut a spaghetti squash in half (the short answer: get your husband to do it)
  • I can hard boil an egg like a champ! My hardboiled eggs never have a gray ring around them. Thanks e-how! 
  • Speaking of eggs… I can also fry and egg, scramble and egg, and make eggs sunny side up! I like eggs! 

4. When you drink soda water with a lime at parties, no one knows you are not drinking. I promise!

5. Blogs, instagram and pinterest are lifesavers when it comes to inspiration. I follow lots of super-paleo-people to help me stay inspired! (twitter, instagram, pinterest)

6. I learned how to pack a lunch box for work.. (I also learned we have a refrigerator at work. I never knew this because I ate out every single day. (I’ve worked in the same place for two years.))

7. Making healthy foods really is fun and delicious. I promise it is. I didn’t believe it when I first started… (Check out my Warmed Fig Salad, Plum Crazy Salad, Lemon Artichoke Chicken Pasta and my Easy Baked Apples)


8.If you are addicted to sugar like I was, there is no better feeling than beating the Sugar Dragon! My sugar dragon is dead. (RIP sugar dragon.)

9. When I’m cold, I start wanting to snack on something. (my office is always chilly– bring a little jacket, problem solved!)

10. 30 days goes by really fast!



In closing; buy this book.

It explains everything much better than I can, it’s fun to read, and it will change your life forever!

The program is not about weight loss, it’s about health. But you better believe I took before  measurements!

I’m happy to report I lost 2 1/2 inches off my waist! Great feeling. The scale only budged a few pounds… but the inches and looser clothes is all I care about. Very excited!

For the most part, I plan on keeping up my Whole9 life. I think I can live without cheese and sugar for a long, long time.

If you are thinking about trying the Whole30 Challenge I would highly recommend it.  Do it with a friend (if you can find one brave enough).

Let me know if you decide to read the book/ try the challenge!






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4 thoughts on “Black Coffee and Unsweetened Oatmeal

    1. Thank you for commenting!! The Whole30 was hard, but it was fun.
      Here is a link to the WHOLE30 “Grain Manifesto“… it might help clarify some of your concerns.
      I personally love grains. I have a friend who is highly intolerant to grains. It all depends on what works best for your body.

  1. Congrats on finishing the whole 30! I love thay book as well. I just don’t want people to get confused. Oatmeal is considered a cereal grain, and no cereal grains, whole grains, any grains are allowed during the 30,days as I understand it.

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