Popsicles— the new cupcake?

During these hot summer months, you might crave something cold and refreshing… like a popsicle. That’s where Suzy Naumann comes in…

(Image from Pop Culture's facebook page)
(Image from Pop Culture’s facebook page)

Naumann is the owner of Pop Culture; a gourmet Popsicle business with a flair for local flavor.

When I first met Suzy, she climbed out of a vintage baby blue Volkswagen Beetle with her arms full.

She balanced baskets of plump blackberries, fresh peaches, plums (and even a basil plant on her hip) as she set up her spread for me.

Those were just a few of the fresh, locally grown, ingredients that Suzy Naumann uses in her unique Popsicle she sells at farmer’s markets all over Madison County, Alabama.


“I think with this growing farmer’s market culture, it’s a really lovely opportunity for our community to know the people who grow their food,” said Naumann.

Naumann mixes a rainbow of organic local fruits and herbs to create tantalizing flavors…Like; watermelon rosemary, peach basil and blueberry yin yang! (click here to read all flavors)

“I had some nectarines this week, so I made nectarine and honey popsicles with a little bit of chamomile in them,” Naumann said.

While many of Naumann’s flavors are for mature tastebuds, she doesn’t forget about the little ones.

Image from Pop Culture's facebook page.
Image from Pop Culture’s facebook page.

“We have one that is very fun that we call wormy apple. It’s an apple flavored popsicle with a gummy worm in the middle of it,” said Naumann.

Suzy says popsicles are “the new cupcake” and the local Tennessee Valley produce is her secret ingredient.

“I use food from five different sources across Madison County. These are people who live with us, people we know. It’s really a lovely concept,” Naumann said.

You can find Pop Culture at:

And don’t forget to follow Naumann on Facebook.

“You can see flavors that we are making that day,” Naumann said.

To celebrate Independence Day, Suzy is making a special strawberry, vanilla and blueberry Popsicle that just looks like the American flag!

Check out her website HERE.


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