Pretty Planners

As most of us ditch our planners for digital versions (like that boring calendar on your phone), lets remember how much FUN real planners can be!

My favorites are the ones that show the entire month at a glance.  Those are also the easiest to decorate!

Here are some fun ways to decorate your day planner: 574629f6c67e7c74c828435bc05c99ca

 Doodles make every planner more fun!

Washi tape planner

Washi Tape is ALWAYS a good idea!


Use scrap-booking stickers to make your planner really FANCY!

I still have old planners from high school.  I saved them because they were truly works of ART. I would spend hours in class working on my monthly designs.  I’ll take some pictures and post them soon…..

Have a wonderful day!


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