Reunited and it feels SO GOOD

What an amazing day….

This morning Chris was leaving for work and saw a red hound-dog walking around our front yard. She was confused and distressed.

Chris was running late for work, but decided to stop and help the poor girl out.

As soon as he got out of the car and asked if she was lost, she jumped in his car! Chris says she was relieved that he was helping her.

He set the her up in our back yard with a fresh water bowl, some dog food and a greenie.

He sent me a picture and I immediately posted it on my Facebook page.


I didn’t even know if posting it to Facebook would help…. but it did! Within 4 hours it had over 100 shares! Wow!

Before I knew it, a woman sent me a private message and said she had found another woman looking for a similar dog. I texted the number she gave me….


I called the number…. the owners were only a few streets away. They said their two-year-old let the dog out last night by accident. The family stayed up all night frantically looking for their dog without any luck.

We scheduled a meet up….

I’ve never seen a sweeter reunion! Tasha was SO relieved and happy to see her daddy!! These pictures say it all… :’)


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