Video Rental Store– so vintage!

When was the last time you went to a video rental store?

Before my most recent experience…it was years ago. I believe it was my sophomore year of college and video rental was a last resort if redbox didn’t have what we wanted.

A few weekends ago, my friend and I were dying to watch Morning Glory. The movie wasn’t on Netflix instant watch, not inside any Redbox and wasn’t for sale at Walmart or Target. We resorted to the unthinkable… Video RENTAL?

We found this place after a google search and a brief phone call (to make sure it was actually open and wasn’t some kind of “adult video rental” place).

It was called “Family Video” after all.. so we figured it sounded pretty legit.

We decided to make the 20 minute drive.


We walked through the isles of faded DVD covers with glee. It was like stepping back in time… or inside a redbox machine.  It was a nostalgic experience.


We located Morning Glory after much confusion and singing of the ABC’s… (remember how they alphabetize everything?) We opted to shell out the  $4.95 and keep the movie forever as a momento.


The place even had the CANDY displayed in classic fashion. I remember begging my dad is buy me a package of $10 WarHeads to go with my Mary-Kate and Ashley mystery movie.

This place even had the super-mega-galactic-butter-explosion-popcorn! Ah… 90’s kid glee…..

I found a cute pac-man candy package that I decided to buy for my doll house… but that’s a different story.

I hope video rental places make a comeback. I miss them. I can see it now….. telling my children about how we used to drive to a movie rental place to rent videos. They will think it is an alien concept. But at least a few still exist around the the country. Lets enjoy them and support them while we still can.


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