Make your skin GoRgEoUs–Products I’m DYING to try.


The Republic of Tea

Dying to try Get Gorgeous tea from The Republic of Tea.  Apparently it helps clear your skin. I’ve been having some issues with tiny breakouts lately (I suspect my hairspray is the culprit)… I’ll be trying this tea soon and will let you know how it goes.


newpictureperfectantiwrinkle-300x300 ALSO dying to try  Lashem Picture Perfect face cream. I had no idea Lashem made skin care products!! What!?

Lashem is known for their eyelash serum. I used their Lash Serum a few years ago and MAN, oh’ man, does it work. I’m not kidding you, that stuff is amazing. I bought it from Sax with some birthday money before my junior year at Ole Miss. It was hard to shell out that kind of cash (about $100), but totally worth it. All my friends noticed and asked me about my lashes.. “did you get lash extensions?” “do you use that ash prescription stuff?” .. it was also an awesome secret weapon for those minimal makeup days. Just sweep on mascara and all of a sudden you look totally glam walking to class.

eye lashes

 If you have a big event (like a wedding) coming up, buy it now. I would give it about a month to see max results. I did have a little bit of red discoloration around my lash line (probably due to my fair skin), it was easily covered with my regular makeup and the redness eventually faded away after I ran out of the product.

Because I loved their lash serum so much, I’m very excited to try their newpictureperfectclosed (affordable $40) face cream.

Judging from the reviews I’ve read and my past experience with the company, I’m sure their face cream will be a superior product.

The company says their anti-wrinkle cream “provides instant wrinkle removing capabilities through natural and effective ingredients. With just 1 application you will notice a significant difference in the tone and feel of your skin.” It “remove wrinkles instantly!”

Normally I would say claims like that sound too good to be true… but I believe it.


  •  Hydrate and brighten complexion to reduce signs of aging
  • Contains natural ingredients and paraben free formula
  • QuSome patented technology encapsulates active ingredients delivers deep into the epidermis
  • Silver airless bottle keeps the integrity of the formula and avoid contamination.
  • Safe and easy to use
  • No doctors, needles, procedures or pain
  •  Creates an instant lift
  • Temporarily smooths and fills in fine lines
  • Contains botanical extracts and antioxidants that soothe and nourish skin
  • Includes patented ingredient that helps reduce redness
  • Immediate & long-term improvement in the appearance of skin firmness, elasticity, and fine lines


 Click HERE to buy the “best instant anti wrinkle cream”

Check out Lashem’s BLOG here.

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