The Switch House- my FAVORITE shop in Huntsville, Alabama!

Y’all… this shop…. I could spend ALL DAY in there!!

This is my story that was on the news this morning:

Monique Given is the owner of The Switch House, a cozy shop in The Lumber Yard in Huntsville’s Five Points neighborhood. The quirky shop has been around for only three years, but already feels deeply established with every corner full of culture and creativity.

Given was inspired to open The Switch House because of her upbringing in the New York area.

“Those areas where I grew up were very much about supporting your local community. You know.. your local grocer, your local baker, local artist,” Given said.

She saw a need in Huntsville and decided to fill it.

“There are a lot of people that come from out of town and they are always shocked that we have a place like this. It really is great to see that Huntsville is finally getting more progressive,” said Given.

Given says working Tuesday through Sunday never feels like work.

“The time flies by for me because I love talking to people about the artist. Every artist in here is truly one of my friends,” said Given.

Some of the artist are even Given’s former students from her days teaching Art at UAH.

And I can’t forget to mention the ever popular Fred Bread. With fresh baked flavors like Cranberry Walnut and Garlic Herb, it’s no wonder people can’t get enough.

“He supplies a lot of places around town. I’m the only one that gets it fresh every day. So that’s a really big draw. It’s an important thing that I always post on Facebook,” Given said.

Besides the bread, Given says here various natural candles and soaps have developed a cult following.

“If you can express your creative side, make a little money on it, and have it out in the community where people are using it and appreciating it… it’s an awesome thing,” said Given.

The Switch House is open Tuesday- Sunday from 11am-7pm.

You can follow Given on Facebook for daily specials and daily bread flavors.

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