The Middle Page

I’ve got a blog that you must start following TODAY.

It’s called The Middle Page and is written by the coolest mom I know, Cathy Williamson.

When she lived in Birmingham, I used to beg my mother is PLEASE go shopping with “Alex’s Mom!”

She always looks so pulled together and beautiful.

It’s hard to believe that she is over 40-year-old…. but….according to her blog she is.


I am Cathy Williamson aka “The Middle Page.” Forever a fashion, beauty, and lover of all things
beautiful. I have lately found myself frustrated with three things:

1) Most fashion blogs feature gorgeous, fresh faced, long stemmed beauties. These brave, pioneering, trendsetting women all have one thing in common: their YOUTH.
2) After doing some research, I have found that there are not many accessible blogs for women over the age of 40. Where are the helpful hints on style and skin care for those fashion devotees among us who want to look damn good, whatever the age we are?
3) Am I seriously old enough to be blogging for the 40+ women out there? Do I seriously have a grand baby? Ok so, number 3 is an issue I’ll inevitably have to address on my own, but I have a feeling others of you out there feel my pain and can help me cope with the undeniable truth of age–or at least those damn hot flashes.  I read once not to resent age, because it is a gift denied to many. And I get it. I’m supposed to embrace my wrinkles and call them wisdom, but why can’t we embrace our wisdom and still be the sexy minxes we’ve always been? Time flies and skin sags, but not on this blog.
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