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Savory Jacks is a brand new restaurant in Pulaski, Tennessee, but you are probably already familiar with some of the menu items. The new restaurant’s owner has worked as a food stylist on nearly 100 feature films. Now, he is bringing his talents back home to Pulaski where he hopes to liven up his community with a bit of Hollywood flair.

Savory Jacks is inside a cozy space just off the Courthouse Square that was built in the 1890’s. Now it’s transformed into a fun dining experience that brings food from the movies to life.

“We make all of our own breads. We use the dough recipe from the Hunger Games,” said owner Jack White. White has quite the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) profile. He has styled food for dozens of movies and television shows that you probably recognize. (Click HERE for the full list)

Remember that roasted pig from the Hunger Games? Katniss could’ve never shot the apple out of the pig’s mouth without White’s styling. “Jennifer Lawrence is like the sweetest!! She is just a real girl and she is just as sweet as can be,” White said.

The hilarious dinner scenes from the movie Step Brothers would not have been the same without White’s food. The German Chocolate Cake that the comedians eat during Thanksgiving dinner is a permanent fixture on the menu. White has worked in the entertainment industry as a food stylist since 1992, and let us in on a few behind the scenes tricks.

“If something is on the set— like this cupcake— and it sits there for 12-hours, and at the end of the scene the actor walks over and eats a bite….I have all of the things that the actors would be eating in a refrigerator, off the set safe and secure. No one ever just picks up anything random,” said White.

White started his Hollywood career as a character on The Guiding Light (Lionel Harris). Now, years later, he agrees he has had a pretty colorful and exciting life so far.

“Now it is even more exciting to be back here in Pulaski where I get to be semi-retired from the film industry,” White said.

He feels like his restaurant serves more to the community than just another place to eat. “We saw this as an opportunity to create something so that you wouldn’t have to drive to Nashville or Huntsville (for entertainment). You can stay right here at home. We are right downtown. Plus, we are saving part of the original historical part of our community,” said White. Try Savory Jacks for a little piece of Hollywood in your hometown! Address: 227 N 1st St, Pulaski, TN 38478 Phone: (931) 363-1333 Monday-Saturday LUNCH 11am -2pm DINNER 5pm-9pm Sunday Bunch- 10am-3pm

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