A lost kitten, a 3-year-old and a kind heart.

What’s cuter than a kitten? How about a 3-year-old holding a kitten? Now… (wait for it)…. how about a good-Samaritan-3-year-old holding a rescued kitten that was just minutes away from dying in a parking lot from heat stroke?


Sometimes I come across moments like this that are so sweet, and so heartwarming, that I feel if I don’t capture the moment I will burst!

That feeling is usually followed by this internal conflict: should I take a picture and risk being a creeper? or should I just walk away and tweet about the moment sans picture?

This moment almost passed by my camera lens unscathed…. until my internal battle took itself out to the parking lot and into my car!! I was just about to drive away when the other side won.

I turned off the car, walked back inside, and asked the mother if I could blog about her daughter’s sweet story.


This is Annie (“two N’s, one A and an ie at the end”), she is 3-years-old. Thank goodness.

If she were any older she might have been taller! If she was any taller, she might not have spotted the kitten (Princess Leia if it’s a girl) inside the grill of a truck sitting out in a hot parking lot.

“I saw its eyes,” Annie told me.

No telling how many adults had passed the stranded kitten during the day…



Annie told her mother what she saw. That’s when the pair found the owner of the truck and stood by while the truck-owner pulled the kitten out.

“It was so tired and very floppy when we pulled it out,” Annie’s mom told me.

They quickly gave the kitten water and took it to the vet.

That’s where I met them….

By then the kitten was curled in Annie’s lap, purring, and according to the rescuers, doing much better.

They plan to keep the kitten “if it’s ok with Dad.”

Such a sweet story! So happy that there are such good people in the world who will stop and help the helpless.

(P.S: if you follow me on twitter you know that yesterday I witnessed a woman save a turtle trying to cross the road. Should have snapped a picture!! )




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