Turn your favorite Cookbook into Kitchen Decore!

I’ll admit it.

I judge books by their covers. Especially cookbooks!

I bought the cookbook Ripe mostly because I LOVED the pictures.

Each page features a beautiful fruit or vegetable…

And it’s color coordinated in ROYGBIV order!

The only problem with a book that is filled with beautiful pictures.. is that you have to open the book to see all those beautiful pictures!

I decided to take action and rescue some of these beautiful images from their hard covered home.

I found the perfect solution for quick, easy framing at WALMART!  Their Mainstays line of frames is super affordable... I’m talking about $2 per frame!

It was hard to choose- but I picked out four vegetable pictures that went together in a nice collection.

I liked that all of these images were round…

“Framing” was so simple. The Mainstays frames have a glass cover that pops out….

Mommy helped me hang the images.

I think the collection turned out great! It’s a nice way to liven up a “dead” area of your kitchen.

Do you have a favorite cookbook you want to display? Let me know in the comment section below!

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