I’m a purebred Ginger that LOVES sunscreen

I’m a purebred Ginger.

My Dad has had BRIGHT ORANGE red hair and my Mom had strawberry blonde hair (now it’s a beautiful bright white). Both my parents have fair skin and freckles. I had NO 20130827-090455.jpg hope.

I’ve always been pale and freckled. It’s just how I am. I’ve grown to love my coloring…. but back in college, like every good Ole Miss girl, I had my complex tanning plan like the best of them. ($100 for 100 minutes in a level 2 with 1/2 off a premium lotion!) My day was not complete without a visit to the tanning bed. (GTL)

The habit luckily only lasted for my first semester freshman year. After rush was over and I had an awesome boyfriend (now husband), frying my skin went by the wayside.

In fact, I actively started protecting my skin daily sunscreen (Olay Complete).


And you should see me at the beach. Here is a picture of me “soaking up the sun” at a beach Vasto, Italy.

20130827-090549.jpg Sometimes I miss the warm feeling of a tanning bed, that 20 minute nap and the smell of coconut/tanning bed smell…. but I’m so thankful I stopped! Especially after my latest visit to the dermatologist!

My Dad has had both carcinomas and melanomas removed, so I figured I should be proactive and have a regular appointment with a dermatologist.

On my first visit, the doctor found a suspicious freckle and removed it. We both know it was from my time in the tanning bed because the suspicious freckling lived in an area on my chest that only a tanning bed would see.

All weekend I’ve been a nervous wreck as the little harvested freckle spent time being tested in a lab. An ambiguous voicemail from a nurse didn’t help.

I finally got conformation this morning that the freckle was normal and there is nothing to worry about.

Still, I’m writing this post to encourage YOU (yes, you) to go to a dermatologist for a check up! I’m so glad I did.

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