Every Girl knows how to spell Chanel!

Every time I see Chanel #5 perfume…. or anything with that familiar CC logo, I have a flashback to a funny family memory.  number5 A few years ago I was in Atlanta visiting my aunt and uncle.. probably for Thanksgiving.  My uncle is obsessed with eBay and asked me to look up Chanel purses for his wife, Joane.

Joane and Noramn(Uncle Norman and Joane)

My Aunt Joane is supper glam and 100% girly-girl. When I was a baby I was convinced she was a princess…

AuntJoane(Aunt Joane and Daddy)

I started typing in the search box to hunt for a vintage Chanel. As I was typing, Uncle Norman started spelling  “C-H-A-N—“… He couldn’t finish before Joane yelled from across the room:

“NORMAN! Every girl knows how to spell Chanel!”

Spoken like a true princess. …


Aunt Joane(A picture of Aunt Joane looking at some video on the internet. Hope it wasn’t MILEY!)

Here are some of her cute shoes…

cat shoes

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4 thoughts on “Every Girl knows how to spell Chanel!

  1. Such fun!!! Loved it. Is Uncle Norman your Father’s twin?

    I loved the Chanel items – my favorite shoes are the black and tan flats – I have two bags. She is right, the C word for women is Chanel

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