Bybel and Belle –my favorite faces of the YouTube Beauty world!

Carli Bybel and Anna Belle are my latest beauty icons! I look this picture yesterday trying out a new eyeliner and contouring trick I learned from Bybel. I love watching their videos when I’m in the mood for some beauty inspiration.

I put this post under my “Latest Obsessions” tab because these girls are the reason for so many of my Latest (beauty) Obsessions.

~~Carli Bybel~~


~~Anna Belle~~

While Carli Bybel and Anna Belle have similar last names, the two beauties perfectly contrast one another.

First, they are from completely different parts of the county.

The dark haired hottie broadcast from New Jersey…..


…..and the blonde beauty post from somewhere in the UK.

Bybel has a classic New Jersey accent thats endearing to my southern ears, and Belle has a British accent that makes every product she reviews sound super alluring.

Bybel has over 900 thousand subscribes and Belle is not too far behind with over 30 thousand.

Both girls are absolutely stunningly gorgeous!

If you are a beauty LOVER like me, it’s worth subscribing to both of their channels. I’ve learned so much from both of these awesome women. What I REALLY appreciate about BOTH channels is that they highlight affordable products as well as high end brands. Very helpful.

What do you think?

Do you have a go-to beauty expert you love? Let me know!

Click HERE to see Bybel’s channel.

Click HERE to see Belle’s channel.

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