Small ways to help overnight guest feel extra special

Over the years I’ve picked up a few hosting tips from close friends and relatives. Even though our house isn’t exactly perfect (I sometimes wish I had the means and time to iron 1,000 thread count sheets and sprinkle fresh orchids around the house), there are some simple details that can make a big impact for anyone staying with us for a weekend.

One very simple way to help guest feel special is to put new magazines/reading material in their room. I learned this trick from Mommy. It’s fun to look for magazines or books around the house that remind you of your guest…. just don’t overwhelm them with a full library.

One thing I learned from from Aunt Joane is to spray guestroom pillows with a calming pillow mist! I use one from Bath and Bodyworks that I’ve had forever and smells wonderful. It’s a simple way to take care of your friends.

Make a small treat box! There is nothing more fun for guest than finding special candy and snacks in their room. It’s something that your guest will certainly not be expecting. I learned this trick from my fabulous godmother!

I have a box in our guest room that stays filled with nice candy, popcorn packs, bottled water, alcohol, mints and a menu from a local chocolate shop.

Save fresh sets of hotel shampoos and soaps for your guest bathroom! It always looks pretty to have fresh hotel products available. Also, display cotton balls and q-tips in pretty containers. That’s something that most people forget to pack, but they always come in handy.

Mommy always taught me to have a fresh plant in the bathroom. It really does add a special touch in a bathroom— to me it makes the bathroom feel fresher? Just make sure it’s a very small plant that sits low on the counter top and doesn’t take up too much space.

Shell out an extra .50 cents for a fresh loofah! I learned this trick from my mother-in-law! Nothing is nicer than having a brand new loofah to take home. It beats a washcloth any day.

Keep the medicine cabinet stocked with any items that guest might forget. We keep toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, Advil, bottled waters, a razor and soap in ours. That way if guest forget something, they don’t have to ask.

Another tip from my mother-in-law, buy (or make) fresh baked bread! Fresh bread is a homey luxury.

Buy or make a fresh breakfast casserole! A delicious smelling breakfast is a great way for guest to wake up in the morning.

Wake up EARLY and put out breakfast dishes, k-cups, napkins, cereal and a bowl of fresh fruit. That way if there is an early riser, that person will not have to hunt for breakfast necessities. (My Mom always sets the dishes out the night before.)

I hope these little tips help you out! I’m no expert… but I do love learning and trying new things. Do you have a hosting tip that I should add to my list?

Also, Pinterest has some GREAT ideas from other blogs all about hosting. Check out my “Basically Hosting” pinterest board for more ideas.

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