…because Leigh Ann told me so!

I’ve started watching YouTube beauty experts more than ever. I think it comes from the fact that I have to wear makeup for work… so I go through the stuff much faster than I used to.  I also don’t have the time or money to waste on TRYING expensive products… it just doesn’t work for me anymore.

I have a handful of YouTube beauty experts that I can’t help but love as friends and trust what they say. (Like: Eleventh Gorgeous, Anna6Belle and Carli Bybel)

Recently I’ve stared watching LeighAnnSays.  She is super cute and funny

basically… when it come to LeighAnnSays…..I’m like this girl from Mean Girls:

army pants and flip flops She told me to get Jordana twist and shine balm stains…

So I bought Jordana twist and shine balm stains…..

She also told me to try Maybelline’s new Rocket Volum’ Express….

So I went out and bought Maybelline’s Rocket Volum’ Express!

Love both products SO MUCH (and I love LeighAnn)…. so I figured I wouldn’t keep these three secrets to myself any longer.  Enjoy them all.


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