My quest for Bubble Tea!

I was a student at Ole Miss when I had my first Bubble Tea. There was a tiny Asian restaurant near our house that served the whimsical and colorful drinks.

I had forgotten about Bubble Tea until I stumbled across a crop of pictures on Instagram.

After a little googling… I finally found two places near Huntsville that sells Bubble Tea!

Bento Box and Viet Sandwich.

We decided on Viet Sandwich because it looked unique and is locally owned.

We found the hidden treasure in a strip center off of Highway 72.

7169 Hwy 72 W
Ste E, Richland Plz
Madison, AL 35758

(to be exact)

A sweet lady at the register greeted us the second we walked in and treated us like the most important people in the world. She helped us pick out the perfect Bubble Tea!

Chris decided on the purple Taro flavor and I decided on the Thai Tea.

On a whim, we also ordered the sandwich special.



It wasn’t long before our teas were brought out.

Oh man! So good! Just like I remember.

If you’ve never had a Bubble Tea (also commonly called Milk Tea and Boba Tea), it’s a neat drink!

They taste like a tea and milkshake hybrid.

The signature part of the tea is the giant tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom the cup. It might sound weird, but it’s so good! Chris loved his (and he is picky!).

The sandwich we split was also delicious!! It tasted super fresh and crispy with all the crunchy veggies and cilantro on top. We loved it.

Overall, we’re both obsessed with Viet Sandwich. It’s off the beaten path (for us), it’s humble, whimsical and the owners are adorable!!

Who would have thought my quest for Bubble Tea would have helped us find our new favorite lunch spot?

Now, I’ve just got to get out to Madison more often.

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