Winnie’s Best Day Ever!

Winnie recently went to the Monte Sano State Park Dog Fair.

And we are pretty sure it was Winnie’s Best Day Ever!

First, she got to on a car ride. That is always a HUGE treat.

Here is the fair map. Fun around every corner…

Winnie won a prize because we picked up her poop!

She was so proud.

Then she spotted the PRIZE Patrol!!!

The Prize Patrol hunted down dogs who had tricks to show off.

If the tick was good enough, the dog won a prize!

Winnie sat, spoke and waited.

So she won a squeaky star toy!

Winnie made new friends as well.

She loved meeting the puppies.

We found a Mini Winnie!

Treats were around every corner….

(Both Human and Dog treats!)

Winnie couldn’t stop smiling as she sported her fall party collar.

With two new toys, a stomach full of treats and a day full of fun behind her…

it was time to go home.

Winnie didn’t mind…

She got to chew on her new Prize Patrol toy the entire way home!

Hours of play and chew time continued in the back yard all throughout the day.

If you are in the Huntsville area in September…. be sure and go to the yearly HOTC Dog Fair. It’s super cute and lots of fun for both dogs and humans.

I was most impressed with the way they kept the grounds so clean and free of dog poop!!

It was so cute how you could literally turn in a bag of dog mess… and win a prize.

VERY creative poop control.

Awesome event planning.

Check out their website HERE.

QUESTION FOR YOU: Have you ever been to an event that had a fabulous/creative method of crowd control??? I want to know!

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