The Nightmare Before…. Halloween!

Halloween is tomorrow!

Making of nightmare 4

I’ve found the perfect video for teachers to show their students on Halloween!!

(Thanks Buzzfeed)

It’s absolutely amazing how much patience and talent goes into stop motion film making.

♥ For young classes, teachers could have a lesson on patience.

♥ For middle school and high school, teachers could simply discus the creative process. Would be WONDERFUL for a theater, film, broadcast, engineering and art classes.

Making of Nightmare 1

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a little dated, creepy and confusing (like… is it a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie?)….

making of nightmare 3

…..but all those ingredients make for the perfect spooky Halloween day!

So teachers…

…prop your feet up, give the kids some Halloween candy, pop in this little video, and instantly become the coolest teacher on the hall!

making on nightmare 2

Side Note: I have a fascination with stop motion. Remember my post about Coraline? (click here to read).

 Question of the Day: Teachers, what YouTube videos do you like to show you students? Do you use YouTube as a teaching tool?


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