SoberDough! The easiest and most delicious bread you can make!

Soberdough has made it to my “Latest Obsessions” tab because it is a delicious and unique product that I’m very excited about. (and this is NOT a sponsored post)

I discovered Soberdough at the Under the Christmas Tree event in Huntsville.

Like many of the vendors, the man at the Soberdough booth had samples of his bread out for the casual passerby to taste. Chris and I stopped to try a little cube of the Pumpkin Spice bread and OH MY GOSH we were blown away!!

After tasting that tiny cube of heaven, and found out that the bread is not difficult to bake, we were instant customers!!!

We bought a bag for ourself and a bag to take to a friend’s housewarming party.

The man behind the counter said that he and his mother started the company in 2012. It’s based out of Nashville, TN.

If you are interested in buying your own Soberdough, CLICK HERE.
It’s perfect for a holiday gift, or just to have around the house whenever you are craving a slice of homemade bread. And it’s SO easy to make!!

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