Change of Heart- Drugstore Makeup

I’ve had a complete change of heart…..

I’m loving drugstore makeup!

(Here is a look inside my makeup bag….)

(I keep my eyeliners and brushes in a separate pouch) 

There was a time when I thought drugstore makeup was not an option. I thought the only way to look professional was to spend hundreds on high-end, brand name products. You wouldn’t believe the loyalty points I have at Sephora…. it’s embarrassing.

While I’m still loyal to a few of my higher end products, I’ve had a major change of heart when it comes to drugstore makeup brands.

(I use the top L’Oreal True Match brozer as a contour powder for my cheeks, the bottom left ELF blush and sometimes the Wet and Wild blush for highlighting!) 

My two favorite drugstore brands right now are E.L.F and Jordana. Not only can you save hundreds of dollars by switching to drugstore brands, the quality is comparable and sometimes better than high end brands.

If you’ve never tried Jordana, you’re in for a treat. Go to any Walgreens and look for the small display that is usually in a location near the makeup. Try their lip liners, eye liners and their balm stains (something I’ve posted about before). Jordana is so affordable and the quality is unbeatable. You can buy a handful in every color!

You can find E.L.F. at Target. I LOVE E.L.F’s blush, setting spray and setting powder. I also use their highlighting cream beneath my under-eye concealer.

(L’Oreal True Match Lumi and Revlon Photo Ready primer make a great foundation combination….)


The reason I’ve rediscovered drugstore brands is because of my recent love for You Tube beauty experts. I’ve posted about a few of my favorite faces in the past, but since then my taste has evolved.

Right now my favorite YouTubers are EleventhGorgeous, missglamorazzi and leighannsays.

 Here are some examples of their video’s that will help inspired you to try drugstore makeup!

These are just a few that I found after a quick search. In combination, these girls have hundreds of wonderful and informative video’s to choose from!!

Is there a product that you love that isn’t very expensive? Have you tired ELF and Jordana before? What do you think?

Let me know in the comment section below!



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