Frame your favorite beach towel!

My cousin gave me an adorable beach towel for my Birthday! It’s a 1970’s replication of a New Yorker magazine cover with illustrated dogs all over it. I’m OBSESSED! She found it on  (check out HauteLook…. they have super cute stuff!)

I was so in love with the towel that I immediately thought that is would look so cute hung up my wall….

My Dad said that he could make it happen!

(Daddy has always made me fun stuff in his workshop! When I was little, he could make me just about anything my childhood mind imagined…including: wooden doll house furniture, a miniature house for my pet mice and an awesome treehouse complete with a fold out coloring desk and peep holes! These days, in my adult life, he has made us a few scratching posts for Hobbes and now this awesome beach towel frame!)  

He came up with this lightweight frame that was super easy for Chris and me to put together at home.

He color coordinated the pieces and pre-drilled the holes. It literally took us 10 minutes to assemble.

Winnie helped.


Here is my Dad! He is putting the final touches on his creation.

We love how it turned out.

The towel looks so perfect in our dining area. It’s a giant statement piece that is truly unique.

I think a set of these would look adorable in a beach house!

Remember that art can come is so many different forms.

Never feel like you just have to stick with paint on a canvas! 😉

Remember, I framed pictures from my favorite cookbook? (click here)

Do you have something hung in your house that isn’t traditional “art”…. I would love to know!

Do you wish my Dad would sell these towel frame kits? Lol. Let me know in the comments below. I bet he would be up for a few special orders…. 😉

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One thought on “Frame your favorite beach towel!

  1. Love the towel. Love your Dad. Our son, Tim, framed the cover of the December New Yorker for me this year and bought a magazine for the coffee table. It is Pope Francis making a Snow Angel. I just sent it to you in your Lillian messages.

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