Old-Timey Love Inspiration!

Happy February- my favorite month!

It’s the month of LOVE and also our anniversary month!

Instead of sharing pictures of pink hearts and candy, I decided today would be the perfect time to post some love inspiration from yesteryear.

My Dad and Uncle recently opened up and old suitcase that belonged to my Grandmother’s sister, Virginia.

My Grandmother and her sister both grew up in Eutaw, Alabama.

Inside we found a treasure trove of old pictures and scrapbooks from the 1930’s

Here is what we found:

 …..beautiful old stamps….

…a check for 100,000 kisses…

…old Valentine’s….

…pictures with friends…

….old letters and love notes….


…. a phone call….


…more vintage Valentine’s…




…a picture of stenographers…


….and a clipping of my great grandmother’s wedding announcement!….


… and a telegram…

We even found a letter from the 1880’s to my great grandfather from his uncle. (not pictured)

Finally, here is a picture of my beautiful grandmother – Elizabeth Davenport Askins!

Happy February!

Hope it is filled with moments that you can put in your own scrapbooks….or  memory box!

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3 thoughts on “Old-Timey Love Inspiration!

  1. What a treasure!!!! I love the telegram about the twins being born. Probably more so since we have twin sons but knowing your Father and that Uncle were the twins, right?

    1. I didn’t know you had TWINS! I love twins! Daddy and Uncle Norman look so much alike, but they are actually 6 years apart. The twin is the telegram were about a family friend’s children. 😉

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