Healthy Snack Ideas (you’ve never heard before)

I’ve read dozens of “healthy-snack-idea” lists.

Look up “healthy snacks” on Pinterest, and they’re all over the place. Most of these indexes include the same things you had in your lunchbox in first grade, like: aunts-on-a-log, peanut butter and apples, sting cheese, hard boiled eggs…  etc…etc… yawn…

Over the years I’ve enjoyed 3 delicious snacks that I think we should all add to our snack time memory banks.  All three are easy, similar, and will certainly delight your mature taste buds.

1. Pear and Laughing Cow Spreadable Cheese

You must try this is flavor combination! Imagine spreading peanut butter on a apple… but trade the peanut butter for cheese and the apple for a pear. It’s an upgrade fit for a princess.

**Any spreadable cheese will work. I just love the portioned sizes of laughing cow. And don’t skimp on the calories. Get the regular kind (not light) because the calorie difference is so slim, your MyFitnessPal will forgive you and your taste buds with thank you.

2. Dried Cranberry and Goat Cheese over Whole grain Toast

Graduate from aunts-on-a-log and try this mixture on for size. It’s wonderful. If you are gluten free or watching carbs, sub bread for a gluten free crispy cracker. I LOVE Blue Diamond Nut-Thins.


**Arranging your cranberries in a heart shaped pattern is optional. 😉

3. Pear, Arugula, Brie and Honey over Whole grain Toast

This is the most advanced “snack” on my list. I’ve even been known to have this one for a full meal. It’s a combination I tried for the first time in The Netherlands and have enjoyed introducing it to my friends in the USA.

It’s delicious. My husband even loves this snack, and his taste-buds are still ….’coming of age’…

If you’re watching carbs of calories simply use thin pear slices as your bread. Stack the brie and arugula and honey right on top of your pear slices.


I hope this short list has inspired you! What snacks to you love that are off the beaten path? One of my friends loves to wrap fresh deli meat around cheese sticks for an easy snack. I want to know what I need to try! Let me know in the comments below.

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