My February Favorites!

DrLill's February Favorites

1. GREAT CLIPS– Great Clips needs some love because it’s an awesome establishment. My station pays for our haircuts. It’s wonderful. But sometimes I just need a quick trim… that’s where Great Clips come in. I’m in and out in 10 minutes. Love it.

2. DOWNTON ABBEY– If you haven’t watched it yet, start tonight. It’s such a great show.

3. THREES APP– It’s an addictive little game once you figure it out! Very fun. Don’t worry… you don’t have to be good at math to play. 😉

4. Chick-fil-A ICE DREAM CONES – An ice dream cone is the perfect swap if you are craving a milkshake.

Small shake = 520 calories

Ice Cream Cone = 170 calories.  Craving satisfied.

5.  MAP MY WALK APP because it’s fun to see how far and how fast you walk! Winnie and I take walks every day after I get home from work. When I use Map My Walk I know exactly how far we’ve walked, how fast, and how many calories I’ve burned.

6. STARBUCKS CAPPUCCINO – a tall-nonfat Starbucks cappuccino is only 60 calories…. a great swap for a sugary Starbucks drink. 🙂

7. TARGET TECH GLOVES – they are cheap, comfortable, and work great. Don’t buy expensive tech gloves…. you’ll lose one anyway…. at least that is what always happens to me. haha.

8. “LET IT GO” FROZEN– such a good song! Download it! It’s a good drive-to-work-and-get-pumped-up-song. I love the Idina Menzel version. Demi Lovato also sings a pop version. 

After I discovered the song, I rented the movie. It’s actually a really cute Disney movie.

Hope you liked my February Favorites! Be sure and check out all my FAVORITES. Click HERE.  What were your favorite things you loved in February?

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