Valentine’s Day is Tomorrow!

 The Wonder Year’s was one of my favorite shows growing up. I loved the LOVE between Winnie Cooper and Kevin Arnold! They looked so old when I was little…..  We even named out dog Winnie after Winnie Cooper! What are you doing for your sweetheart tomorrow? ♥

Gameday in Style!

Lots of people have been asking where I got my Colonel Reb t-shit!  I found mine at the “Under the Christmas Tree” event in Huntsville… But, because I love you guys, I got the lady’s card and all her information! You can find her complete collection at!  ..they are ALL so cute! Go get […]

Spoiled Milk by Gemma Correll

Yet another reason I always check the expiration date on the milk…. Cute doodle found HERE. Gemma Correll has such wonderful illustrations. They all make me laugh. Check out ALL of her work HERE. EXTRA: This is a picture of her studio. Look how organized it is!  

Princess Hair-bows!

It’s moments like this where I secretly hope that I have a little girl one day… I found these bows at an antique mall in Homewood, AL! All the packaging says is “Beckers.” If you have more information on the artist, please let me know in the comments below. Call Homewood Antiques for ordering information. […]

Sugar Rush!

Emily Blicoe’s colorful Sugar Series makes me happy! You can buy all of her prints on Etsy! (wouldn’t these be cute as a series in a child’s playroom?) Follow Emily on TWITTER Follow Emily on INSTAGRAM Like her on FACEBOOK Emily’s Blog=

@joojooland’s polymer clay cutenes…..

More HERE.

Red Hair, Don’t Care!

One rainy $10 Tuesday I decided to buy this Ginger Problem’s T-Shirt…. It’s so soft. I love it! Buy your Ginger Problems t-shirt HERE! Follow Ginger Problems on Twitter: @GingerProblems


I have such a cute Mommy! Here she is as a little girl with Pepper. And here she is today.

“Ice-Cream Fund” Coin Purse

From {} on $5

The Quokka- the happiest animal in the world!

 Check out this adorable little marsupial! It’s called a Quokka. They live in southwestern Australia. I want one! Read more about the QUOKKA here!

….and that’s who I am.

  from […and that’s who I]… Some of these “and thats who I am’s” annoying me. Some are depressing and self-deprecating… But I do love the fun ones!

Happy August!

♥ ♥

Tiny Summer Fun

♥       ♥

Portable Picnic.

  What a cute idea. If you don’t have time to get outside, back a portable picnic! This image is from…. but has been removed. ♥

Sprinkle Love!

Learn how to make this adorable t-shirt HERE. Love this. ♥

Pretty Planner Doodles!

The right doodle can turn a planner page from boring to extraordinary! The Japanese are the best doodlers… I love the smiles and faces they use. Here is some inspiration for you: ♥ ♥ ♥ Now go practice!

Lookout for PAWS!

I love this… ♥ Paws are very dangerous!

Happy Pink Flamingo Day!


Continuing our CAT theme….

  I found these pretty pictures HERE, here, HeRe, there and HErE.

I love this picture!