Healthy Snack Ideas (you’ve never heard before)

I’ve read dozens of “healthy-snack-idea” lists. Look up “healthy snacks” on Pinterest, and they’re all over the place. Most of these indexes include the same things you had in your lunchbox in first grade, like: aunts-on-a-log, peanut butter and apples, sting cheese, hard boiled eggs…  etc…etc… yawn… Over the years I’ve enjoyed 3 delicious snacks […]

Your Keurig is Filthy!

Yes. YOUR Keurig is disgusting. I thought my Keurig was perfectly clean until I watched this video from Clean My Space on YouTube: Oh. My. Gosh. I could not believe how much dirt, filth, grime and residue came of of my Keurig. It was actually pretty satisfying to watch the instant gratification of all the […]

My cup of tea!

There is nothing like a cup of tea on a cold day! Earl gray and mint teas are my favorite. Now, I’ve found a new flavor I’m loving! It’s called Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride by Celestial! It taste like a lemony sugar cookie. It smells more like cookie dough than it taste. It’s delish and […]

SoberDough! The easiest and most delicious bread you can make!

Soberdough has made it to my “Latest Obsessions” tab because it is a delicious and unique product that I’m very excited about. (and this is NOT a sponsored post) I discovered Soberdough at the Under the Christmas Tree event in Huntsville. Like many of the vendors, the man at the Soberdough booth had samples of […]

My Halloween Pinterest Purge!

Over the last year I’ve collected cute Halloween ideas on Pinterest. It’s time to clean them off my Pinterest “likes” and put them in a post! Love this cute picture! I found it on 7Pretty‘s Pinterest page. LOVE these embellished pumpkins! So cute. This one is from InspirationLane. This cute pink polka dot pumpkin comes […]

Our Tuesday Tradition!

Happy Two Punch Tuesday! Chris and I have a fun new tradition. Every Tuesday for the past few months we’ve been taking advantage of “Two Punch Tuesday” at our local Sweet CeCe’s! That means we get two punches on our loyalty card for each yogurt we buy. DINNER! Chris always gets gummy-worms on top (ew!), […]

My quest for Bubble Tea!

I was a student at Ole Miss when I had my first Bubble Tea. There was a tiny Asian restaurant near our house that served the whimsical and colorful drinks. I had forgotten about Bubble Tea until I stumbled across a crop of pictures on Instagram. After a little googling… I finally found two places […]

Icing on the Cookie – an incredible cookie experience.

“Icing on the Cookie” is my new FAVORITE bakery….. Chef Adams’ cookies are not just run-of-the-mill cookies…. once you bite into one of these beauties YOU WILL UNDERSTAND. They are unlike anything I’ve ever had before. His cookies are soft and chewy on the inside with a slight almond taste. My husband’s company in Huntsville […]

Sugar Rush!

Emily Blicoe’s colorful Sugar Series makes me happy! You can buy all of her prints on Etsy! (wouldn’t these be cute as a series in a child’s playroom?) Follow Emily on TWITTER Follow Emily on INSTAGRAM Like her on FACEBOOK Emily’s Blog=

Watermellon Cake!

 What a great idea. Learn EXACTLY how to make this cool cake HERE. This post is dedicated to Donovan Godt for his 24’th Birthday! Happy Birthday! Eat cake!

Wedding Weekend Hostess Box

I love this thoughtful hostess box that was waiting in our hotel room for Mary Allen’s wedding! They thought of everything. Local snacks, water, alcohol, candy, crackers, a list of fun places to eat, maps, tourist information, a pre-addressed and stamped post card to the couples new address… . even an EmergenC and a hangover […]

Happy Tummy!

Happy Tummy is so random… so delicious…. so simple… so fun. If you are planning a visit to Huntsville, Alabama– be sure a plan a day for walking around Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment… Don’t worry about lunch, because Happy Tummy is located inside! Click HERE to view their full Menu!  Address: 2211 Seminole Dr […]

Nashville Food Finds….

Last weekend we went to Nashville for a wedding. Discovered lots of new favorite foods / fun places to eat! The Bride and Groom had the cutest rehearsal dinner-party. They rented Nashville’s best food-trucks for the evening. Chris and I had a blast trying out the local food-truck cuisine!         The Grilled Cheeserie […]

Turn your favorite Cookbook into Kitchen Decore!

I’ll admit it. I judge books by their covers. Especially cookbooks! I bought the cookbook Ripe mostly because I LOVED the pictures. Each page features a beautiful fruit or vegetable… And it’s color coordinated in ROYGBIV order! The only problem with a book that is filled with beautiful pictures.. is that you have to open […]

Belle Chèvre in Elkmont, AL

(Picture taken at Tasia’s ADORABLE Puppy Party!) I recently visited Elkmont, AL to check out my friend’s new cheese tasting room. “Belle Chèvre. Cheese Shop and Tasting Room” It’s so cute and filled with delicious treats! We had a wonderful time. The next time life takes you to Elkmont, you must stop by the Belle […]

Eat real food from the Movies!

Savory Jacks is a brand new restaurant in Pulaski, Tennessee, but you are probably already familiar with some of the menu items. The new restaurant’s owner has worked as a food stylist on nearly 100 feature films. Now, he is bringing his talents back home to Pulaski where he hopes to liven up his community […]

Coffee Time!

  ♥ ♥ ♥

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Review

(Sponsored) Coconut Oil– are you on the bandwagon yet? ♥ I jumped on the Coconut Oil bandwagon when I did the Whole30 challenge. It’s a much healthier option when it comes to cooking oils. And I must say, I really like using it. Tropical Tradition sent me a GIANT bottle of their oil to try. […]

Pizzelle’s Confections- the best chocolate….ever!

If life ever takes you to Huntsville, Alabama… you must got to Pizzelle’s Confections. Their shop is at Lowe Mill (2211 Seminole Drive). This is the box of chocolate I bought during my first visit to Pizzelle’s!! There are so many beautiful flavors to choose from.. .it really is a difficult decision. I’ve only tried […]

Latest Obsession- eMeals!

I’ve been thinking about signing up for eMeals for a while now. I guess I kept waiting for some kind of free trial? (find coupon codes here) I’ll be honest… I was worried it would be too hard and frustrating dealing with….the whole….food and cooking thing. Haha. But it’s actually really fun and easy! Here […]