Fun Pancakes!

  What a cute way to dress up your pancakes. Use a small cookie cutter to make fruit shapes. Found this picture HERE. 

Easy Healthy Oatmeal Muffins

I’ve seen muffins like this Pinned over and over again. They always look amazing, but I never quite liked the ingredient list. I decided to make my own. They are easy as can be. My recipe makes 6 dense muffins. INGREDIENTS: – 2 cups OATS – 1 cup ALMOND MILK – 2 smashed ripe BANANAS […]

(so easy) Protein Powder Fudge

Found this idea on A Dash of Meg!  I used a single serving of AboutTime  cake batter protein powder… Added sprinkles (for fun) A tbs. of vanilla instant pudding powder Then minimal water…slowly…until you get the consistency you want! To be completely honest… this was not THAT good to me. They are great if you really […]

The Melted Banana Trick!

I learned this trick from Chocolate Covered Katie! If you want to naturally sweeten your oatmeal without using sugar, simply MELT a banana and stir it in! When you melt a banana, it caramelizes slightly.  It’s the perfect way to sweeten oatmeal. You should try it. I heat up a whole banana for 1 minute […]

MONICA RAMOS – Comfort Foods

Monica Ramos is a fabulous illustrator who makes me very happy! Her work reminds me of my young imagination.  While eating my Cheerios in the morning,  I would image the little circles of wheat were tiny pool floats. And waffles reminded me of little hot tubs filled with syrup. When I saw Ms. Ramos’ illustrations,  […]

Popsicles— the new cupcake?

During these hot summer months, you might crave something cold and refreshing… like a popsicle. That’s where Suzy Naumann comes in… Naumann is the owner of Pop Culture; a gourmet Popsicle business with a flair for local flavor. When I first met Suzy, she climbed out of a vintage baby blue Volkswagen Beetle with her […]

Warmed Fig and Chicken Salad

Only 2 days to go until I’ve completed my Whole30 challenge! I’ve leaned a lot about cooking these past 28 days. I’ve bee channeling my wonderful (super southern) grandmother while I cook. Elizabeth Davenport Askins (Nanny) was THE BEST cook! She never measured anything… and her recipes always contained a “stick of buddah”…. I made […]

Frozen Almond-Butter-Banana Minis

Easy snack for your meal prep day! Slice a banana into a mini-muffin pan. Cover some (or all) with melted almond butter. Put in a ZipLock and keep them in the freezer. Pop them out for a quick frozen treat. Beware- they thaw fast! 🙂  

Easy Baked Apple “Dessert” – Whole30 Approved

So easy. So healthy! Slice two apples and arrange in a brownie pan. Sprinkle with cinnamon and add dollops of coconut spread (taste like butter- but better for you). Bake on 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes! Yummmmmm!!!   **Note***  The word “dessert” is a bad word to the die-hard-whistle-blowers in the Whole30 community. […]

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Cute Cookies!

Learn more HERE. (Bake 350)

More cute Valentines…

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Chocolates, sweets and more…

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Easy Valentine Fudge!

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Strawberry and white chocolate sandwiches!

Learn how to make yours HERE.  ♥  


Recipe here. 

Add a little LOVE to your Chicken Noodle Soup!

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