Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Review

(Sponsored) Coconut Oil– are you on the bandwagon yet? ♥ I jumped on the Coconut Oil bandwagon when I did the Whole30 challenge. It’s a much healthier option when it comes to cooking oils. And I must say, I really like using it. Tropical Tradition sent me a GIANT bottle of their oil to try. […]

Pizzelle’s Confections- the best chocolate….ever!

If life ever takes you to Huntsville, Alabama… you must got to Pizzelle’s Confections. Their shop is at Lowe Mill (2211 Seminole Drive). This is the box of chocolate I bought during my first visit to Pizzelle’s!! There are so many beautiful flavors to choose from.. .it really is a difficult decision. I’ve only tried […]

Latest Obsession- eMeals!

I’ve been thinking about signing up for eMeals for a while now. I guess I kept waiting for some kind of free trial? (find coupon codes here) I’ll be honest… I was worried it would be too hard and frustrating dealing with….the whole….food and cooking thing. Haha. But it’s actually really fun and easy! Here […]

Fun Pancakes!

  What a cute way to dress up your pancakes. Use a small cookie cutter to make fruit shapes. Found this picture HERE. 

Easy Healthy Oatmeal Muffins

I’ve seen muffins like this Pinned over and over again. They always look amazing, but I never quite liked the ingredient list. I decided to make my own. They are easy as can be. My recipe makes 6 dense muffins. INGREDIENTS: – 2 cups OATS – 1 cup ALMOND MILK – 2 smashed ripe BANANAS […]

Celebrate Summer!

Recipe HERE.

(so easy) Protein Powder Fudge

Found this idea on A Dash of Meg!  I used a single serving of AboutTime  cake batter protein powder… Added sprinkles (for fun) A tbs. of vanilla instant pudding powder Then minimal water…slowly…until you get the consistency you want! To be completely honest… this was not THAT good to me. They are great if you really […]

The Melted Banana Trick!

I learned this trick from Chocolate Covered Katie! If you want to naturally sweeten your oatmeal without using sugar, simply MELT a banana and stir it in! When you melt a banana, it caramelizes slightly.  It’s the perfect way to sweeten oatmeal. You should try it. I heat up a whole banana for 1 minute […]

MONICA RAMOS – Comfort Foods

Monica Ramos is a fabulous illustrator who makes me very happy! Her work reminds me of my young imagination.  While eating my Cheerios in the morning,  I would image the little circles of wheat were tiny pool floats. And waffles reminded me of little hot tubs filled with syrup. When I saw Ms. Ramos’ illustrations,  […]

Popsicles— the new cupcake?

During these hot summer months, you might crave something cold and refreshing… like a popsicle. That’s where Suzy Naumann comes in… Naumann is the owner of Pop Culture; a gourmet Popsicle business with a flair for local flavor. When I first met Suzy, she climbed out of a vintage baby blue Volkswagen Beetle with her […]

Happy July!

♥ Can’t believe it’s July already!! ♥ Love this ideas for some healthy Independence Day snacks!

Pumpkin Cookie Dough

Eating globs of cookie dough by the spoonful (completely guilt free) is something dreams are made of! This doughy recipe of delight is something I made up during a sugar craving meltdown. Instead of reaching for a tray of place-and-bakes, I did a little research and made up these easy options that will cure any […]

“Sponge Cake” Postcards

These are the CUTEST cards I’ve ever seen! Wouldn’t they be great for a little girl’s birthday party? They are made out of sliced and painted sponges.   “Pipe dollops and swirls of caulking on the top and sides of the sponge wedge just like you’re decorating a cake. Pipe along the edge of the […]

Warmed Fig and Chicken Salad

Only 2 days to go until I’ve completed my Whole30 challenge! I’ve leaned a lot about cooking these past 28 days. I’ve bee channeling my wonderful (super southern) grandmother while I cook. Elizabeth Davenport Askins (Nanny) was THE BEST cook! She never measured anything… and her recipes always contained a “stick of buddah”…. I made […]

Grooms Cake “Ice Cream”

When I go to weddings, I’ve noticed the grooms cake is usually some mix of chocolate and peanut butter. That’s how I came up with the name for this AMAZING frozen treat!! And it’s so easy to make…. WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU BROWN BANANAS, MAKE GROOMS-CAKE ICE CREAM! INGREDIENTS:  4 super ripe bananas 3 Tablespoons […]

Frozen Almond-Butter-Banana Minis

Easy snack for your meal prep day! Slice a banana into a mini-muffin pan. Cover some (or all) with melted almond butter. Put in a ZipLock and keep them in the freezer. Pop them out for a quick frozen treat. Beware- they thaw fast! 🙂  

Easy Baked Apple “Dessert” – Whole30 Approved

So easy. So healthy! Slice two apples and arrange in a brownie pan. Sprinkle with cinnamon and add dollops of coconut spread (taste like butter- but better for you). Bake on 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes! Yummmmmm!!!   **Note***  The word “dessert” is a bad word to the die-hard-whistle-blowers in the Whole30 community. […]

Pretty Cake!

Sprinkle themed Birthday Party!

  This is the cutest idea in the world! It reminds me of my “hearts party”….. For all that is good in the world PLEASE check out the to look at the original blog post. It’s so cute.

6 days until my Birthday!

  Love this! From Sprinkle!