Pop Up Parks in Huntsville!

I’m loving these adorable “Pop Up Parks” in Huntsville!! Local businesses are sponsoring the tiny spaces. So cute. I talked about them on the show this morning:  

I love this story…

This is a story I put together for my segment at work. I thought y’all might like it?

Pizzelle’s Confections- the sweetest part of Huntsville, Alabama!

I recently posted a few picture from my first experience at Pizzelle’s Confections (remember?)… then I went back…. then I went back again…. and produced a news story on the shop! (excuse to eat chocolate? never!) Here is my story: A brand new chocolate shop is making the Huntsville community a little bit sweeter with […]

A lost kitten, a 3-year-old and a kind heart.

What’s cuter than a kitten? How about a 3-year-old holding a kitten? Now… (wait for it)…. how about a good-Samaritan-3-year-old holding a rescued kitten that was just minutes away from dying in a parking lot from heat stroke? (aside) Sometimes I come across moments like this that are so sweet, and so heartwarming, that I […]

Belle Chèvre in Elkmont, AL

(Picture taken at Tasia’s ADORABLE Puppy Party!) I recently visited Elkmont, AL to check out my friend’s new cheese tasting room. “Belle Chèvre. Cheese Shop and Tasting Room” It’s so cute and filled with delicious treats! We had a wonderful time. The next time life takes you to Elkmont, you must stop by the Belle […]

Little Free Library!

(this is a story I produced for WAAY-31 News. It ran a few days ago. Hope you like it.) Classic public libraries might conjure up memories of cramming for final exams, or trying to figure out the card catalog. But now there is a new trend in book borrowing that comes on a much smaller […]

Eat real food from the Movies!

Savory Jacks is a brand new restaurant in Pulaski, Tennessee, but you are probably already familiar with some of the menu items. The new restaurant’s owner has worked as a food stylist on nearly 100 feature films. Now, he is bringing his talents back home to Pulaski where he hopes to liven up his community […]

Popsicles— the new cupcake?

During these hot summer months, you might crave something cold and refreshing… like a popsicle. That’s where Suzy Naumann comes in… Naumann is the owner of Pop Culture; a gourmet Popsicle business with a flair for local flavor. When I first met Suzy, she climbed out of a vintage baby blue Volkswagen Beetle with her […]

1/2 off Dogeared Jewelry this morning!

Use promo code GMA and get 1/2 off on select styles! I finally got the Sand Dollar I’ve been wanting… Click HERE to see all selected styles! {next on my list- the Gold Star!}

How to help animals after disasters…

♥ When you see heart warming videos like this… … you might feel called to give a donation to animals in need. Click HERE to make donations specifically for animals during times of disaster. (Click HERE to read the entire story about the dog rescue)

Did you know….

I bet a lot more dog fighting would get reported if people knew about this!! Share this with your friends!

Daily Dose- December 6, 2012

Good morning. I hope you’re Thursday is off to a happy start. Here are a few fun stories … ♥ If you could smell like any fast food, what would it be? If you said Pizza, you’re in luck! Pizza Hut is launching its own perfume. The perfume is said to smell just like a […]

Daily Dose- December 3, 2012

Well… it’s Monday. Just remember, Christmas is only 22 days away. Here are a few fun stories to help start your day. ♥ Tis’ the season to give quirky gifts! Online retailers specializing in funky gifts (like leg-lamps, candy coal and bacon shaped ornaments) say business is booming. For instance, a Seattle novelty-seller that makes […]

Daily Dose – November 30

Happy Friday morning! Here are some fun stories to get you going this morning…. ♥ The First Dog, Bo, seems to like this year’s holiday decorations at the White House. In this new White House video, Bo walks around to each room and inspects the Christmas decorations. This year’s theme is “Joy to All” and […]

Daily Dose – October 19, 2012

Good morning and happy Friday! ♥Comedy Central has released a clip from their annual program called “The Night of Too Many Stars.” It’s a touching duet with Katy Perry and a 6-year-old girl who suffers with autism. The little girl learned how to cope with her autism diagnosis through her love of music. The program […]

Daily Dose- October 5, 2012

Happy Friday! Here are some stories to help you through your work day before the weekend officially starts. ♥ Here is a sweet story about loyalty and love. Zander, a husky rescued from a shelter, loves to run. But no one ever expected him to run to the hospital. That is exactly what the 70-pound […]

Daily Dose- October 3, 2012

Good Thursday morning, ♥Take a look at this Halloween costume! A sweet dad made an ice-cream truck costume for his son who is confined to a wheelchair. The ice-cream truck is complete with a back window filled with ice cream cones. The photo of the boys costume made waves over the weekend after it was […]

Daily Dose- October 2, 2012

  Good Tuesday morning! ♥ Internet trolls play a cruel joke over the summer and now their target will get the last laugh. Back in August internet forums thought it would be funny to nominate the Horace Mann School for the Deaf to win a free Taylor Swift concert. When school officials heard about the […]

Daily Dose- October 1, 2012

Happy October 1’st! It’s a fresh month and a new work week. ♥ A Michigan girl is elected to her high school Homecoming court and too her horror it was all just a cruel joke. But on Friday the 16-year-old was able to get the last laugh. After Whitney Kropp’s family, friends and community found […]

Daily Dose- September 27, 2012

Good Thursday morning and happy Friday-eve! ♥ Tuxedo Stan is trying to claw his way into the mayor’s office in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The three-year-old cat’s owner started the “tuxedo” party and is running Stan’s campaign for office. He’s a retired veterinarian and is hoping to bring attention to the need to spay or neuter […]