How to clean out your DVR!

Oh’ the joys of recording your favorite programs. The convenience is wonderful! But nothing is worse than  seeing that “space available” bar filled nearly to the brim. If you don’t act fast your Unwrapped marathon will be lost forever!!! Do not fret. I have some tricks of easy ways to clean out your DVR with ease. […]

Your Keurig is Filthy!

Yes. YOUR Keurig is disgusting. I thought my Keurig was perfectly clean until I watched this video from Clean My Space on YouTube: Oh. My. Gosh. I could not believe how much dirt, filth, grime and residue came of of my Keurig. It was actually pretty satisfying to watch the instant gratification of all the […]

Frame your favorite beach towel!

My cousin gave me an adorable beach towel for my Birthday! It’s a 1970’s replication of a New Yorker magazine cover with illustrated dogs all over it. I’m OBSESSED! She found it on  (check out HauteLook…. they have super cute stuff!) I was so in love with the towel that I immediately thought that is would […]

Snowflake Patterns!

New Blog Mantra…

Over the past 2 1/2 years I have had a new post on every single morning. Phew. For now, I’m taking a much needed breather. This is my new blog MANTRA: The new rule for myself is that I will only post when I am truly inspired. No more forcing it! Less re-posting! Much […]

Small ways to help overnight guest feel extra special

Over the years I’ve picked up a few hosting tips from close friends and relatives. Even though our house isn’t exactly perfect (I sometimes wish I had the means and time to iron 1,000 thread count sheets and sprinkle fresh orchids around the house), there are some simple details that can make a big impact […]

Bybel and Belle –my favorite faces of the YouTube Beauty world!

Carli Bybel and Anna Belle are my latest beauty icons! I look this picture yesterday trying out a new eyeliner and contouring trick I learned from Bybel. I love watching their videos when I’m in the mood for some beauty inspiration. I put this post under my “Latest Obsessions” tab because these girls are the […]

Wedding Weekend Hostess Box

I love this thoughtful hostess box that was waiting in our hotel room for Mary Allen’s wedding! They thought of everything. Local snacks, water, alcohol, candy, crackers, a list of fun places to eat, maps, tourist information, a pre-addressed and stamped post card to the couples new address… . even an EmergenC and a hangover […]

What Inspires you?

Took these pictures at The Flying Money in Huntsville, Alabama. What inspires you? Let me know in the comment section below!

A lost kitten, a 3-year-old and a kind heart.

What’s cuter than a kitten? How about a 3-year-old holding a kitten? Now… (wait for it)…. how about a good-Samaritan-3-year-old holding a rescued kitten that was just minutes away from dying in a parking lot from heat stroke? (aside) Sometimes I come across moments like this that are so sweet, and so heartwarming, that I […]

Janice Wo Illustrations

I love discovering artist that make me happy. Janice WO is one of them. I discovered her work on Pinterest. It’s bright, clean and simple. Very refreshing and fun… I could empty my pockets or my purse and Wo could turn it into art. Here is some of my favorite Wo work:       LOVE this one… […]

The Middle Page

I’ve got a blog that you must start following TODAY. It’s called The Middle Page and is written by the coolest mom I know, Cathy Williamson. When she lived in Birmingham, I used to beg my mother is PLEASE go shopping with “Alex’s Mom!” She always looks so pulled together and beautiful. It’s hard to […]

Here are some beautiful PAINTED pennies! By Jacqueline Lou Skaggs SEE MORE HERE ♥

White eye-shadow done right!

Love this! ♥

Cute money gifts…

Forget boring bills! Check this out: See dozens of ideas HERE ♥

Don Howard drew the morning team!

Former Disney artist, Don Howard, visited our morning show on Friday. He drew the entire morning team. How fun! He is so talented!! You can see more of his work HERE.

Felt Party Dogs

    I love these! Click HERE to see all the adorable dogs in party hats….

Sprinkle Covered…

Make Sprinkle Covered Accessories!! Learn how HERE.

Happy Easter!

Here are some “Hoppy” Instagrams for you… ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“Magic Beans” for Easter Morning

  Plant some “Magic Beans” the night before Easter… The next morning, go outside and see what grew!!!!   Got this idea from “See Jane Blog”