I love Summer Vacation!

  I’m not on vacation… but I love when school is out for the summer. There is a fun feeling in the air EVEN when I’m driving into work at 3am. Lol! Love this poster. Found it HERE. Pinterest Gold.

Facebook Classes for Seniors

My mom found this hilarious posting in the classified section of The Cullman Times. I imagine the class schedule looks something like this: 1. “COMMENTING 101” 2. “LIKING”– How many likes before YOU become disliked? 3. “Status updates 314”- when it’s ok to share. 4. “No one cares”– how to cope when status updates go […]

Video Rental Store– so vintage!

When was the last time you went to a video rental store? Before my most recent experience…it was years ago. I believe it was my sophomore year of college and video rental was a last resort if redbox didn’t have what we wanted. A few weekends ago, my friend and I were dying to watch […]

Enjoy Summer!

    Be sure and really take a moment to ENJOY SUMMER! (especially before all those awful back-to-school commercials start back. Ugh. Hate those and I’m an adult without any children. They still make me sad.) ♥ Love this image from Lovely Indeed.com ♥

July BirchBox

This is by far the cutest thing in my BirchBox this month! This theBalm blush sample looks like a miniature magazine. Have you signed up yet? $10 a month for really fun beauty product samples. Click HERE.

Hot tea! My new love.

I’m loving Hot Tea these days. I guess it comes from watching Downton Abbey.… ♥ Peppermint tea is wonderful! Really helpful if your stomach hurts.       ♥  I also love Lemon & Ginger tea. It’s very clean tasting. I sometimes mix it with regular Earl Gray.      ♥

Some days I channel Lady Violet from Downton Abbey….

♥ If you have not watched Downton Abbey yet,  start NOW! It’s a wonderful show and I promise you will like it. (My husband even likes it.) Lady Violet is my all time favorite character.  She adds wonderful comic relief, masked behind snobbery.  Here are some of my favorite Lady Violet quotes: ♥ ♥ ♥ […]

Black Coffee and Unsweetened Oatmeal

When I started my Whole30 challenge 30 days ago, I never (ever in a million years) would have guessed my celebratory meal of choice would be black coffee and unsweetened oatmeal. “Are you kidding me?”- the pre-Whole30 me would say. “Black coffee is disgusting and oatmeal with no sugar? Are you insane?!” Well, I’m not kidding […]


♥ ♥ ♥

1990’s Style Herbal Essences!

So happy to see this shampoo back on the shelves!    

Obsessed with One Kings Lane!

My cousin surprised me with a “just because” gift from One Kings Lane! I’m in LOVE with this beach towel… So much so that I plan on framing it! Sign up for One Kings Lane today. They have amazing deals on designer goods. Totally worth it! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! Alice, my cousin, also […]

Sweet Nap Time…

Found this sweet picture on Classic Annie. ♥ ♥ ♥From Audrey Allure♥ ♥From Wishful Thinking♥

Classic Lipstick!

Blase Apricot reminds me of Nanny…. Certainly Red is the color we wore for Dance Team in high school! How FUN! ♥ ♥  

Raspberry Glacé

I get questions from viewers about my makeup… so today I’m sharing one of my secrets! Three words: Clinique Raspberry Glacé I got this color in a sample years ago… and it’s still my favorite! Try it out! Looks great when you need a formal lipstick. About because it has blue undertones it makes your […]

Whole30 Starbucks Order

So, what the heck do you order at Starbucks when you are on your Whole30? This was my breakfast/power snack this morning; a hard boiled egg and a (unsweetened) Passion Fruit Tea! The best thing to order is definitely an iced *UNSWEETENED* passion fruit tea while you’re on the Whole30. Black coffee is fine, but […]

A Soldier and his Squirrel!

This is the best thing I’ve seen all day! Found it on my Mom’s Pinterest board… (she always has good stuff) All I have to say about that is…. I want a squirrel and I want it now!!!!!

Surviving “National Donut Day” during my Whole30

I’m a news reporter. That means EVERY day is different. Some days I’m covering something dark and sad… and other days I’m assigned to cover stories like “National Donut Day!” Covering National Donut Day couldn’t have come at a worse time. I’m right in the midst of my Whole30 challenge!!! That means NO SUGAR (and […]

Have you signed up for a BirchBox yet?

Y’all….. these BirchBox’s are the neatest things. And I’ve JUMPED ON THE TRAIN! It’s basically a monthly subscription that will open your eyes to a world of deluxe beauty samples and products. …it’s like receiving a living magazine in the mail. I’m still waiting for my spot to open up in line (makes it feel […]

I have 5 L’s in my new married name..

♥ I’m thankful that I LOVE the letter L… I have 5 total in my first and last name! See more L’s HERE.

Ideas for the Perfect Graduation Gift

Worried about what to get a grad for graduation? There are lots of cute blogs out there to help you out. Babysitting.net has complied a great list of blogs that have LOTS of ideas. Click HERE to check them out!