The Nightmare Before…. Halloween!

Halloween is tomorrow! I’ve found the perfect video for teachers to show their students on Halloween!! (Thanks Buzzfeed) It’s absolutely amazing how much patience and talent goes into stop motion film making. ♥ For young classes, teachers could have a lesson on patience. ♥ For middle school and high school, teachers could simply discus the […]

…because Leigh Ann told me so!

I’ve started watching YouTube beauty experts more than ever. I think it comes from the fact that I have to wear makeup for work… so I go through the stuff much faster than I used to.  I also don’t have the time or money to waste on TRYING expensive products… it just doesn’t work for […]

Bybel and Belle –my favorite faces of the YouTube Beauty world!

Carli Bybel and Anna Belle are my latest beauty icons! I look this picture yesterday trying out a new eyeliner and contouring trick I learned from Bybel. I love watching their videos when I’m in the mood for some beauty inspiration. I put this post under my “Latest Obsessions” tab because these girls are the […]

Sugar Rush!

Emily Blicoe’s colorful Sugar Series makes me happy! You can buy all of her prints on Etsy! (wouldn’t these be cute as a series in a child’s playroom?) Follow Emily on TWITTER Follow Emily on INSTAGRAM Like her on FACEBOOK Emily’s Blog=

A simple flower arrangement.

  I love this simple arrangement by Ruth Hengeveld. I could look at her photographs and blog all day. Follow Ruth on Instagram. ♥

Good to remember…

  (less is more)      (wild flowers)

Lovely Lighting

The following are pictures are Cynthia Gerlach. Cynthia is the owner of Bottle Tree Bakery in Oxford Mississipppi! I met with her today to take pictures of her folk art collection. I love these two pictures in particular because the lighting is so neat. enjoy. Photography by Lillian Askins

Night Photography

Night Photography Narrative… Inspiration: Todd Hido (photographer) & The poem “Night” by William Blake. This is the excerpt of the poem that I used for my narrative: “The sun descending in the west, The evening star does shine, The birds are silent in their nest, And I must seek for mine.” Photography by Lillian Askins.

Cozy Fall Cabin – In the Woods of Oxford MS.

Photography by Lillian Askins

Halloween Pictures

Took these pictures in a grave yard.. I layered two negatives on top of each other before putting them in the enlarger. That is how I created the “double exposure” effect!     Photography by Lillian Askins