Frame your favorite beach towel!

My cousin gave me an adorable beach towel for my Birthday! It’s a 1970’s replication of a New Yorker magazine cover with illustrated dogs all over it. I’m OBSESSED! She found it on  (check out HauteLook…. they have super cute stuff!) I was so in love with the towel that I immediately thought that is would […]

Snowflake Patterns!

Pop Up Parks in Huntsville!

I’m loving these adorable “Pop Up Parks” in Huntsville!! Local businesses are sponsoring the tiny spaces. So cute. I talked about them on the show this morning:  

The Nightmare Before…. Halloween!

Halloween is tomorrow! I’ve found the perfect video for teachers to show their students on Halloween!! (Thanks Buzzfeed) It’s absolutely amazing how much patience and talent goes into stop motion film making. ♥ For young classes, teachers could have a lesson on patience. ♥ For middle school and high school, teachers could simply discus the […]

Spoiled Milk by Gemma Correll

Yet another reason I always check the expiration date on the milk…. Cute doodle found HERE. Gemma Correll has such wonderful illustrations. They all make me laugh. Check out ALL of her work HERE. EXTRA: This is a picture of her studio. Look how organized it is!  

Princess Hair-bows!

It’s moments like this where I secretly hope that I have a little girl one day… I found these bows at an antique mall in Homewood, AL! All the packaging says is “Beckers.” If you have more information on the artist, please let me know in the comments below. Call Homewood Antiques for ordering information. […]

Cute things to do with an Altoid Box!

Click here to see a bunch of cute ideas! All from

Kool-Aid Lip Stain!

  The Beauty Department comes up with the CUTEST ideas!  Love the idea of using Kool-Aid as a lip stain.. Here is a copy of their color chart: Cherry = orange red Tropical Punch = bright red Peach Mango = peach Pink Lemonade = Barbie pink Strawberry Kiwi = light red Grape = purple For a […]

Wedding Weekend Hostess Box

I love this thoughtful hostess box that was waiting in our hotel room for Mary Allen’s wedding! They thought of everything. Local snacks, water, alcohol, candy, crackers, a list of fun places to eat, maps, tourist information, a pre-addressed and stamped post card to the couples new address… . even an EmergenC and a hangover […]

Janice Wo Illustrations

I love discovering artist that make me happy. Janice WO is one of them. I discovered her work on Pinterest. It’s bright, clean and simple. Very refreshing and fun… I could empty my pockets or my purse and Wo could turn it into art. Here is some of my favorite Wo work:       LOVE this one… […]

MONICA RAMOS – Comfort Foods

Monica Ramos is a fabulous illustrator who makes me very happy! Her work reminds me of my young imagination.  While eating my Cheerios in the morning,  I would image the little circles of wheat were tiny pool floats. And waffles reminded me of little hot tubs filled with syrup. When I saw Ms. Ramos’ illustrations,  […]

Pretty Planners

As most of us ditch our planners for digital versions (like that boring calendar on your phone), lets remember how much FUN real planners can be! My favorites are the ones that show the entire month at a glance.  Those are also the easiest to decorate! Here are some fun ways to decorate your day […]

Lookout for PAWS!

I love this… ♥ Paws are very dangerous!

“Sponge Cake” Postcards

These are the CUTEST cards I’ve ever seen! Wouldn’t they be great for a little girl’s birthday party? They are made out of sliced and painted sponges.   “Pipe dollops and swirls of caulking on the top and sides of the sponge wedge just like you’re decorating a cake. Pipe along the edge of the […]

Here are some beautiful PAINTED pennies! By Jacqueline Lou Skaggs SEE MORE HERE ♥

Summer Nails!

Cute money gifts…

Forget boring bills! Check this out: See dozens of ideas HERE ♥

Love this bookmark!

Sketch a day….

♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ (Be sure and click on all the ♥’s to see MORE!)

Tiny Crocheted Animals!!

  I’m in love! ♥