Organize your makeup with Z-Palettes!

A few weeks ago I noticed that my blush collection was getting a little out of control. After a little searching, I found these Z-Palettes! I love my palette. It helped me toss out so much unnecessary bulky makeup packaging. All I did was spend about 45minutes depotting my makeup. Then I stuck magnets on […]

Fun Valentine’s Day Nails!

♥ Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! Are your digits ready? ♥ If you’re a frequent reader, you know that I LOVE watching YouTube beauty videos. I stumbled upon this adorable nail tutorial by Fleur DeForce. I had to share it with you.

Adventures in Unclaimed Baggage!

A few weeks ago I complimented a coworker’s new iPad. He gloated that he bought it at Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, Ala. I was shocked! I had no idea that Unclaimed Baggage sold iPad’s! What?! After my coworker told me more about the gem mine of sales and fun just down the road from our […]

Snowflake Patterns!

Gameday in Style!

Lots of people have been asking where I got my Colonel Reb t-shit!  I found mine at the “Under the Christmas Tree” event in Huntsville… But, because I love you guys, I got the lady’s card and all her information! You can find her complete collection at!  ..they are ALL so cute! Go get […]

Change of Heart- Drugstore Makeup

I’ve had a complete change of heart….. I’m loving drugstore makeup! (Here is a look inside my makeup bag….) (I keep my eyeliners and brushes in a separate pouch)  There was a time when I thought drugstore makeup was not an option. I thought the only way to look professional was to spend hundreds on […]

Best fortune ever…

Crooked brows or crooked glasses?

It’s a question that haunts me on a daily basis… …pretty sure it’s my brows. One has always been more arched and a little higher. I just always look intrigued? Because I have naturally blonde brows (it’s a redhead thing), I have to use a little powder to make them show up. If you are […]

…because Leigh Ann told me so!

I’ve started watching YouTube beauty experts more than ever. I think it comes from the fact that I have to wear makeup for work… so I go through the stuff much faster than I used to.  I also don’t have the time or money to waste on TRYING expensive products… it just doesn’t work for […]

Is Birchbox worth it?

Yes. I think Birchbox is worth it! I love makeup and trying new products. The problem is, I don’t always have the time or the money to spend trying high-end beauty products. Birchbox is perfect. It helps me learn about all kinds of interesting products, treatments and beauty products for only $10 a month. And […]

Bybel and Belle –my favorite faces of the YouTube Beauty world!

Carli Bybel and Anna Belle are my latest beauty icons! I look this picture yesterday trying out a new eyeliner and contouring trick I learned from Bybel. I love watching their videos when I’m in the mood for some beauty inspiration. I put this post under my “Latest Obsessions” tab because these girls are the […]

Princess Hair-bows!

It’s moments like this where I secretly hope that I have a little girl one day… I found these bows at an antique mall in Homewood, AL! All the packaging says is “Beckers.” If you have more information on the artist, please let me know in the comments below. Call Homewood Antiques for ordering information. […]

Every Girl knows how to spell Chanel!

Every time I see Chanel #5 perfume…. or anything with that familiar CC logo, I have a flashback to a funny family memory.  A few years ago I was in Atlanta visiting my aunt and uncle.. probably for Thanksgiving.  My uncle is obsessed with eBay and asked me to look up Chanel purses for his […]

Kool-Aid Lip Stain!

  The Beauty Department comes up with the CUTEST ideas!  Love the idea of using Kool-Aid as a lip stain.. Here is a copy of their color chart: Cherry = orange red Tropical Punch = bright red Peach Mango = peach Pink Lemonade = Barbie pink Strawberry Kiwi = light red Grape = purple For a […]

If you must go back to school… go back with GLITTER!

♥ Nothing is worse than “back to school” season. I come down with a bout of serious depression every year when that time comes around…. BUT THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT!! These cute pencils are from Nordstrom ♥ I was elated to see that school supplies have taken a turn for the better this year. ♥ […]

Pick the PERFECT Nude Polish- from

  Nude polish always makes me nervous… I worry my color choice will look funereal, chalky or washed-out… ESPECIALLY on my pale white skin. This info-graphic is a great starting place. What do you think? From

A Tory Trick!

Big news guys… …according to For Chic Sake: “..if you are a Tory Burch email subscriber (click the “subscribe” link on the top right of the page), Tory will send you a $50 gift card on your birthday!” SAY WHAAaaa? Check out ♥  

The Middle Page

I’ve got a blog that you must start following TODAY. It’s called The Middle Page and is written by the coolest mom I know, Cathy Williamson. When she lived in Birmingham, I used to beg my mother is PLEASE go shopping with “Alex’s Mom!” She always looks so pulled together and beautiful. It’s hard to […]

Make your skin GoRgEoUs–Products I’m DYING to try.

(sponsored) Dying to try Get Gorgeous tea from The Republic of Tea.  Apparently it helps clear your skin. I’ve been having some issues with tiny breakouts lately (I suspect my hairspray is the culprit)… I’ll be trying this tea soon and will let you know how it goes.   ALSO dying to try  Lashem Picture […]

MONICA RAMOS – Comfort Foods

Monica Ramos is a fabulous illustrator who makes me very happy! Her work reminds me of my young imagination.  While eating my Cheerios in the morning,  I would image the little circles of wheat were tiny pool floats. And waffles reminded me of little hot tubs filled with syrup. When I saw Ms. Ramos’ illustrations,  […]