How I organize and embrace my t-shirt obsession

I love T-shirts. It’s kind of an obsession. I see t-shirts as little pieces of your life scrapbook that you get to wear! Our collection is extensive. Chris and I share a t-shirt tower that is stuffed to capacity. We’ve got everything from high-school shirts, to frat party shirts, to t-shirts from our favorite Sushi […]

Gameday in Style!

Lots of people have been asking where I got my Colonel Reb t-shit!  I found mine at the “Under the Christmas Tree” event in Huntsville… But, because I love you guys, I got the lady’s card and all her information! You can find her complete collection at!  ..they are ALL so cute! Go get […]

Change of Heart- Drugstore Makeup

I’ve had a complete change of heart….. I’m loving drugstore makeup! (Here is a look inside my makeup bag….) (I keep my eyeliners and brushes in a separate pouch)  There was a time when I thought drugstore makeup was not an option. I thought the only way to look professional was to spend hundreds on […]

Venus Fly Traps and Succulents

It all started with this little succulent. I bought him a few weeks ago and planted him in a cute little bowl. (He is doing great and adjusting well in the Lalo house.) A little Venus Fly Trap was sitting at the checkout counter when I bought the succulent. A few weeks later I went […]

Is Birchbox worth it?

Yes. I think Birchbox is worth it! I love makeup and trying new products. The problem is, I don’t always have the time or the money to spend trying high-end beauty products. Birchbox is perfect. It helps me learn about all kinds of interesting products, treatments and beauty products for only $10 a month. And […]

Pizzelle’s Confections- the sweetest part of Huntsville, Alabama!

I recently posted a few picture from my first experience at Pizzelle’s Confections (remember?)… then I went back…. then I went back again…. and produced a news story on the shop! (excuse to eat chocolate? never!) Here is my story: A brand new chocolate shop is making the Huntsville community a little bit sweeter with […]

Happy Tummy!

Happy Tummy is so random… so delicious…. so simple… so fun. If you are planning a visit to Huntsville, Alabama– be sure a plan a day for walking around Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment… Don’t worry about lunch, because Happy Tummy is located inside! Click HERE to view their full Menu!  Address: 2211 Seminole Dr […]

Nashville Food Finds….

Last weekend we went to Nashville for a wedding. Discovered lots of new favorite foods / fun places to eat! The Bride and Groom had the cutest rehearsal dinner-party. They rented Nashville’s best food-trucks for the evening. Chris and I had a blast trying out the local food-truck cuisine!         The Grilled Cheeserie […]

If you must go back to school… go back with GLITTER!

♥ Nothing is worse than “back to school” season. I come down with a bout of serious depression every year when that time comes around…. BUT THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT!! These cute pencils are from Nordstrom ♥ I was elated to see that school supplies have taken a turn for the better this year. ♥ […]

“Magic Beans” for Easter Morning

  Plant some “Magic Beans” the night before Easter… The next morning, go outside and see what grew!!!!   Got this idea from “See Jane Blog”  

Happy Valentines Day!

♥ ♥ Cute lunch box idea! ♥

Repurposing old Furniture

An old bookcase turned in a Barbie doll house… ♥ Tuen an old TV holder into a cute doggy hutch.. So cute! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My Shopping Excuse…

WANT ONE! So affordable! Get yours here! 

Oh’ How I Miss this Beverage…..

SURGE! The ultimate drink of a 90’s spend-the-night party! Add this movie… and it’s the perfect party!

♥ ♥

Cool Pools!

Missing the pool? Check out these awesome pools!! ♥

Happy Shark Week!

It’s AUGUST 1’st! And you know what that means…. It’s the beginning of SHARK WEEK on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL! Dun na… Dunnn… na.. Du na… Dunnnnnnnn nah…. Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun..

Mademoiselle: My New Favorite Nail Color!

It was Bubble Bath by OPI… but now it’s Mademoiselle by Essie!  It’s a little bit pinker then Bubble Bath.. It’s the perfect combo of clear, pink and nude.  Try it on!   

Revised Laundry List of Modern Student

Dorm life, debit cards, classes, meal plans and laundry are only a few responsibilities living on the checklist of topics to discuss before freshman college students embark on their new lives. Ms. Mary Knight, working at the Fluff and Fold in Martin and Stockard at The University of Mississippi, makes college life easier by doing […]