Change of Heart- Drugstore Makeup

I’ve had a complete change of heart….. I’m loving drugstore makeup! (Here is a look inside my makeup bag….) (I keep my eyeliners and brushes in a separate pouch)  There was a time when I thought drugstore makeup was not an option. I thought the only way to look professional was to spend hundreds on […]

Have a GOUDA day!

From Society6

Beautiful Hazel Green, AL Sunrise!

One thing I like about my current job hours (3am-12pm), is the fact that I get to see the sun rise every morning! It is a luxury that most people miss. There is something so special about a sunrise…the lighting is completely different from a sunset. It’s a “cooler” blue light. The other day I […]

SoberDough! The easiest and most delicious bread you can make!

Soberdough has made it to my “Latest Obsessions” tab because it is a delicious and unique product that I’m very excited about. (and this is NOT a sponsored post) I discovered Soberdough at the Under the Christmas Tree event in Huntsville. Like many of the vendors, the man at the Soberdough booth had samples of […]

Best fortune ever…

Pop Up Parks in Huntsville!

I’m loving these adorable “Pop Up Parks” in Huntsville!! Local businesses are sponsoring the tiny spaces. So cute. I talked about them on the show this morning:  

Safari Cat!

My News Philosophy

(Found this on Buzzfeed’s 23 Reasons Shep Smith Is America) Shepard Smith really is a great guy. He was so kind to teach our small class of Ole Miss Journalism students back in 2011.

Happy Halloween!

Love, The Lalo’s! (La- low) Here is a cute little Sugar Skull too: ♥

The Nightmare Before…. Halloween!

Halloween is tomorrow! I’ve found the perfect video for teachers to show their students on Halloween!! (Thanks Buzzfeed) It’s absolutely amazing how much patience and talent goes into stop motion film making. ♥ For young classes, teachers could have a lesson on patience. ♥ For middle school and high school, teachers could simply discus the […]

My Halloween Pinterest Purge!

Over the last year I’ve collected cute Halloween ideas on Pinterest. It’s time to clean them off my Pinterest “likes” and put them in a post! Love this cute picture! I found it on 7Pretty‘s Pinterest page. LOVE these embellished pumpkins! So cute. This one is from InspirationLane. This cute pink polka dot pumpkin comes […]

Winnie’s Best Day Ever!

Winnie recently went to the Monte Sano State Park Dog Fair. And we are pretty sure it was Winnie’s Best Day Ever! First, she got to on a car ride. That is always a HUGE treat. Here is the fair map. Fun around every corner… Winnie won a prize because we picked up her poop! […]

Crooked brows or crooked glasses?

It’s a question that haunts me on a daily basis… …pretty sure it’s my brows. One has always been more arched and a little higher. I just always look intrigued? Because I have naturally blonde brows (it’s a redhead thing), I have to use a little powder to make them show up. If you are […]

Our Tuesday Tradition!

Happy Two Punch Tuesday! Chris and I have a fun new tradition. Every Tuesday for the past few months we’ve been taking advantage of “Two Punch Tuesday” at our local Sweet CeCe’s! That means we get two punches on our loyalty card for each yogurt we buy. DINNER! Chris always gets gummy-worms on top (ew!), […]

You know it’s fall when….

You know it’s officially fall when I change out my hand sanitizer to “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin” flavor! I recently finished one of my biannual hand sanitizer hauls at Bath and Body Works. I try to keep a hand sanitizer in just about every compartment/drawer/purse in my car and at the office. With so many scents […]

Venus Fly Traps and Succulents

It all started with this little succulent. I bought him a few weeks ago and planted him in a cute little bowl. (He is doing great and adjusting well in the Lalo house.) A little Venus Fly Trap was sitting at the checkout counter when I bought the succulent. A few weeks later I went […]

My quest for Bubble Tea!

I was a student at Ole Miss when I had my first Bubble Tea. There was a tiny Asian restaurant near our house that served the whimsical and colorful drinks. I had forgotten about Bubble Tea until I stumbled across a crop of pictures on Instagram. After a little googling… I finally found two places […]

New Blog Mantra…

Over the past 2 1/2 years I have had a new post on every single morning. Phew. For now, I’m taking a much needed breather. This is my new blog MANTRA: The new rule for myself is that I will only post when I am truly inspired. No more forcing it! Less re-posting! Much […]

Attempted a photoshoot with my dog the other day….

First, Winnie tried to get away from me. Look at the way she is looking at me… and she was totally leaning away. Try 2: Looking in opposite directions… Try 3: Eyes closed…. Try 4: Both looking the wrong way… We never got a good picture. But at least we tried!

I love this story…

This is a story I put together for my segment at work. I thought y’all might like it?