Bybel and Belle –my favorite faces of the YouTube Beauty world!

Carli Bybel and Anna Belle are my latest beauty icons! I look this picture yesterday trying out a new eyeliner and contouring trick I learned from Bybel. I love watching their videos when I’m in the mood for some beauty inspiration. I put this post under my “Latest Obsessions” tab because these girls are the […]

Make your skin GoRgEoUs–Products I’m DYING to try.

(sponsored) Dying to try Get Gorgeous tea from The Republic of Tea.  Apparently it helps clear your skin. I’ve been having some issues with tiny breakouts lately (I suspect my hairspray is the culprit)… I’ll be trying this tea soon and will let you know how it goes.   ALSO dying to try  Lashem Picture […]

Raspberry Glacé

I get questions from viewers about my makeup… so today I’m sharing one of my secrets! Three words: Clinique Raspberry Glacé I got this color in a sample years ago… and it’s still my favorite! Try it out! Looks great when you need a formal lipstick. About because it has blue undertones it makes your […]

Have you signed up for a BirchBox yet?

Y’all….. these BirchBox’s are the neatest things. And I’ve JUMPED ON THE TRAIN! It’s basically a monthly subscription that will open your eyes to a world of deluxe beauty samples and products. …it’s like receiving a living magazine in the mail. I’m still waiting for my spot to open up in line (makes it feel […]