Watermellon Cake!

 What a great idea. Learn EXACTLY how to make this cool cake HERE. This post is dedicated to Donovan Godt for his 24’th Birthday! Happy Birthday! Eat cake!

How to make a Heart Shaped cake…

Hearts are easily my favorite shape… that’s why this is such an important post from baconcheeseburger-sunday.com!!! Making a heart shaped cake is easy. Just back one square cake and one round cake. See original post HERE. 

“Sponge Cake” Postcards

These are the CUTEST cards I’ve ever seen! Wouldn’t they be great for a little girl’s birthday party? They are made out of sliced and painted sponges.   “Pipe dollops and swirls of caulking on the top and sides of the sponge wedge just like you’re decorating a cake. Pipe along the edge of the […]

Cake Batter ChapStick!

Super excited about this new flavored Chap Sick! It’s so fun and cute! Rumor has it they also have a RED VELVET CAKE!

Beautiful Sweets!

Candy garland! What a great idea from Martha Stewart! So pretty! ♥ Love the ballerina topper! They remind me of a wonderful childhood memory. Found these beautiful pictures on Sweetapolita! ♥

Candy Land Birthday Cake

        What a cute idea for a birthday cake!   Candy Land Cake  ♥

Panetone Pairing of the Day!

See more Pantone Pairings here.

Rainbow Cake!

  Oh’ my goodness! Isn’t this adorable?! ♥ From Making It Lovely.com

Wedding Cake Tasting!

My friend Abby had the most AMAZING cake at her wedding!! I’m using the same woman to make my cake!!! Her name is Barbara Sullivan. And I’m just thrilled she is available.  Barb’s Cakes! I have a tasting tomorrow! I’m so excited!

My Doll House (Kitchen and Dining Room)

My Doll House! This is The Kitchen… enjoy! Click on the Doll House picture (above) to be directed to “My Doll House #2” post!