@joojooland’s polymer clay cutenes…..

More HERE.

Lookout for PAWS!

I love this… ♥ Paws are very dangerous!

Continuing our CAT theme….

  I found these pretty pictures HERE, here, HeRe, there and HErE.

A visit from The Goblin….

Our little Goblin (Hobbes the cat- aka The Hobgoblin) has started climbing our window screens….. He thinks he is really cute. …I guess I agree.

I just love cats…

♥ Catswall Architecture Designs.com   Hobbes would love this… TheFancy.com

When a man love his cat…

  “When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade without further introduction” – Mark Twain See more “Almost Famous Cats” here! 

We Found Hobbes!

Hobbes was MIA for a couple of hours this evening. We thought it was odd he had not come in for the night. While Chris was outside calling him, I started picking out my clothes for tomorrow…. when suddenly….

Doggy and Kitty First-Aid!

  A must read!  “Think of all the activities your dog does every day, all the places he sticks his nose, all the surfaces he runs around on, and all the living and inanimate objects he touches (or licks). When you’ve added them all up, it’s easy to see why dogs can need first aid. […]

Cute Erasers

I wish I had a reason to buy a handful of these!