Icing on the Cookie – an incredible cookie experience.

“Icing on the Cookie” is my new FAVORITE bakery….. Chef Adams’ cookies are not just run-of-the-mill cookies…. once you bite into one of these beauties YOU WILL UNDERSTAND. They are unlike anything I’ve ever had before. His cookies are soft and chewy on the inside with a slight almond taste. My husband’s company in Huntsville […]

Papa Murphy’s cookie dough PRO TIP!

Apparently you can EAT Papa Murphy’s cookie dough straight from the tub because it’s pasteurized and doesn’t have any raw egg in it?!? GAME CHANGER. ;)~ I learned this tip when I did a story on Papa Murphy’s heart-shaped pizza’s for Valentine’s Day. The manager says people come in and just order the cookie dough […]

The Perfect Sugar Cookie…

I made these cookies over Christmas and they are wonderful! They do not change shape when you bake them. I found that you have to make sure the dough is very cold when you work with it. I also added extra vanilla on accident, and it made them even better! CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE!    […]

Creative Cookies!

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