Meal Preppin’

I’m a prepper now. I’m prepping for those terrible days when I’m hAngry and have nothing to eat. Sunday was my first time preppin’! I hard-boiled eggs, sliced and diced vegetables and made some egg muffins. Pretty excited! Hope I can keep the habit going! I also went all Chocolate Covered Katie and made some […]

… I thought I was out of food.

I’m out of food. Or at least I thought I was until I rummaged and scavenged through my refrigerator. I found a lone portobello mushroom from a recipe past… and a few asparagi. Rummaged some more and found a little spinach and made used my final 3 eggs. Then is was time to get relatively […]

Baking with my Best Friend!

Doughy Blueberry Yogurt Bars

I’ve invented a recipe! Mix Martha White (low fat) blueberry mix with an individual serving of plain Greek yogurt. Bake in a 8×8 brownie pan on 425 for about 14minutes. Keep refrigerated after they’ve cooled. They are pretty good. I think I’m going to try making them again with two packs of mix, blueberry Greek […]