You know it’s fall when….

You know it’s officially fall when I change out my hand sanitizer to “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin” flavor! I recently finished one of my biannual hand sanitizer hauls at Bath and Body Works. I try to keep a hand sanitizer in just about every compartment/drawer/purse in my car and at the office. With so many scents […]

My Purple and Pink morning at The Corner Bakery in Decatur, AL

On my quest for coffee this morning in Decatur, AL…. I stumbled upon the cutest bakery! Not only do they frost their famous cupcakes fresh, right in front of you, they also have BEAUTIFUL jewelry dripping from every corner. They said “we frost your cupcakes and you can frost yourself with jewelry!” Haha. I had […]

Sprinkles and Icing!

    ♥ There beautiful pictures are from Sweetapolita ♥

Cute Cell Charms!

I have the cupcake sitting on top of my phone at this very moment!! Haha. It’s so random, but I love it.

Hidden Heart Cupcake!

  Love this Vintage Valentine.  Click HERE to learn how to back a heart inside your cupcakes!

Nothin’ more fun then Funfetti!

Photo by Lillian Askins Taken with my camera phone. 🙂


HONEY BEE BAKERY (In Oxford, Mississippi) …needs to be visited by every single person who reads this post… (and all of you friends)…  You need to walk in an order a Chocolate Cupcake with Marshmallow icing. It is literally the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth!  More thoughts on Honey Bee: 1. Gourmet 2. Lostaire