My News Philosophy

(Found this on Buzzfeed’s 23 Reasons Shep Smith Is America) Shepard Smith really is a great guy. He was so kind to teach our small class of Ole Miss Journalism students back in 2011.

Spoiled Milk by Gemma Correll

Yet another reason I always check the expiration date on the milk…. Cute doodle found HERE. Gemma Correll has such wonderful illustrations. They all make me laugh. Check out ALL of her work HERE. EXTRA: This is a picture of her studio. Look how organized it is!  

Facebook Classes for Seniors

My mom found this hilarious posting in the classified section of The Cullman Times. I imagine the class schedule looks something like this: 1. “COMMENTING 101” 2. “LIKING”– How many likes before YOU become disliked? 3. “Status updates 314”- when it’s ok to share. 4. “No one cares”– how to cope when status updates go […]

Lookout for PAWS!

I love this… ♥ Paws are very dangerous!

It’s all fun and games until the family gets a new vacuum cleaner…

Preparing for Marriage

Reading up on how to be a good wife. I only have a few more days to study!

Sprinkle Dress!


Our Myers-Briggs Test Results!

My results: Chris’ Results Our pre-marriage counselor was like… “how did y’all find each other?!? Both of y’all are less then 5% of the population.” Lol. I guess God brought us together for a reason. I hope we can do something great for the world together. Take your test here: click

Whimsical Find of the Day!

This lady was so nice to let me take her picture. She was walking around with her mutt from the pound (yay! A rescue) in a baby carrier. Found these two at the Monte Sano Park art show. …this is me in a few years.


This is my first live shot! (To a reporter, this is the equivalent of a baby taking its first steps. lol) I’m going to look back on this and think it’s hilarious. Lots of Ummmmms….and some awkward wording. It’s nerve racking having to fill 1:30 on live television! CLICK HERE TO WATCH P.S. A HUGE beetle flew […]

Best SNL Skit (ever)!

This is soo funny…

Beware of Furniture!

Parent Proof Remote.

I am SOOO doing this for my parents… ♥